Total Points

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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st D4M2X0 (EUW) 15901779
2nd Tommahawk1 (EUW) 13794548
3rd PиккиTиккиТави (RU) 13709449
4th 콩이아부지75 (KR) 12978734
5th The1LLusion (BR) 12749390
6th alop55555 (LAS) 12264387
7th Kizox (EUNE) 11859306
8th omgitsdorgo (NA) 11632452
9th AdellaideSkyhart (NA) 11631267
10th Sandyclawz (TR) 11505253
11th HWRedlines (NA) 11342736
12th GeT CoN TRollED (EUW) 11246972
13th 귀찮어노갱 (KR) 11050303
14th destiny 22 (EUNE) 11030011
15th ADC what ADC (NA) 10919257
16th TaP Punky (EUW) 10860483
17th mihabe (TR) 10847000
18th EGY Sabry (EUNE) 10755655
19th 도 핀 (KR) 10751310
20th DirtyJinxAbuser (EUW) 10743064
21st Lixo mas com m7 (BR) 10726983
22nd 18212619del (KR) 10725252
23rd El CracK (LAS) 10674606
24th SKlNHEAD (NA) 10621197
25th umechaduke (NA) 10593726