Total Points

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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st D4M2X0 (EUW) 15353116
2nd Tommahawk1 (EUW) 13635614
3rd Pикитикитави (RU) 13571417
4th The1LLusion (BR) 12418976
5th 콩이아부지75 (KR) 12391981
6th alop55555 (LAS) 12009481
7th Kizox (EUNE) 11608502
8th AdellaideSkyhart (NA) 11578998
9th omgitsdorgo (NA) 11324675
10th Sandyclawz (TR) 11032787
11th GeT CoN TRollED (EUW) 10865047
12th HWRedlines (NA) 10799314
13th ADC what ADC (NA) 10754466
14th 귀찮어노갱 (KR) 10748665
15th 샤넬애쉬 (KR) 10725252
16th SG Xayah (EUW) 10664694
17th SKlNHEAD (NA) 10621197
18th mihabe (TR) 10614225
19th umechaduke (NA) 10585729
20th 2fox2 (EUNE) 10579006
21st El CracK (LAS) 10575912
22nd Oly Punky (EUW) 10524851
23rd Sabry Copper (EUNE) 10468313
24th Lixo mas com m7 (BR) 10411339
25th eva gabesz (EUNE) 10216780