Total Level

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Place Name (Region) Total Level
1st 참 척 (KR) 1001
2nd Toasteri (EUW) 1001
3rd imJM (KR) 1001
4th MegaloManiac (RU) 1001
5th Sωag (EUNE) 1001
6th Yus Bukowski (TR) 1001
7th S t r a l i n g (LAS) 1000
8th Jollteon (EUNE) 997
9th Jessica Cao (NA) 996
10th Bayonetta (OCE) 995
11th EX Flanderika (EUW) 994
12th Überlike (EUW) 994
13th NintendoSwitch (NA) 993
14th Where (EUW) 993
15th suisooo (JP) 989
16th Nico Robin (EUNE) 987
17th Crushler (EUNE) 987
18th Striderdat (NA) 987
19th Szealand (EUW) 981
20th JakeStyles (EUNE) 977
21st ElijahArchangel (EUW) 976
22nd MyHeavenDoor (EUW) 975
23rd PolynomeX (EUW) 974
24th Jodragons (EUW) 973
25th VVipeout (EUW) 973