Total Level

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Place Name (Region) Total Level
1st 참 척 (KR) 1022
2nd 헤르츨 (KR) 1022
3rd MegaloManiac (RU) 1022
4th Toasteri (EUW) 1022
5th Mighti1 (EUW) 1022
6th Jessica Cao (NA) 1022
7th League of Potato (EUNE) 1022
8th Wh1te D 3mon (EUNE) 1022
9th uzmanBrothers (TR) 1022
10th NintendoSwitch (NA) 1022
11th S t r a l i n g (LAS) 1022
12th 핫서머 (KR) 1022
13th QuaYn (EUW) 1022
14th ElijahArchangel (EUW) 1022
15th Madmaximo (OCE) 1022
16th Rubén Valerio (LAN) 1022
17th Jgc FMT (EUNE) 1022
18th purpleninja0 (NA) 1021
19th VVipeout (EUNE) 1021
20th A Legendary Crab (NA) 1021
21st suisooo (JP) 1021
22nd Sωag (EUNE) 1021
23rd MyHeavenDoor (EUW) 1020
24th imJM (KR) 1020
25th Sjørslev (EUW) 1018