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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Annie Bot (NA) 7544343
2nd Baernie Sanders (EUW) 5097995
3rd little firefly (NA) 4189394
4th Regresado (LAS) 3946102
5th AeQ Killua (EUW) 3750587
6th dive into mist (EUW) 3723326
7th Dasant Ko (LAS) 3699781
8th T14K (EUW) 3489619
9th Anniemore (BR) 3344645
10th 애니는맛세 (KR) 3051728
11th 까칠한홍당무 (KR) 3030113
12th dAnnieBo1 (NA) 2998112
13th chongko8888 (EUW) 2876182
14th Panda Annie (OCE) 2753592
15th Miguelurozz7 (LAN) 2582104
16th TroII Annie (NA) 2479203
17th Kuroko LOL (LAS) 2445298
18th Dyzinel (BR) 2373922
19th 킹 애니 (KR) 2341968
20th Anestra1227 (NA) 2336757
21st basic7018 (EUW) 2309630
22nd Pianosisma (EUW) 2285786
23rd Lolo Bot (EUNE) 2261469
24th Mikey january11 (NA) 2254123
25th Anniequilados (EUW) 2243332