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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Annie Bot (NA) 8744190
2nd Baernie Sanders (EUW) 5523649
3rd Dasant Ko (LAS) 4687839
4th 내곰인형못봤어 (KR) 4682759
5th Bobbo the froggo (NA) 4589287
6th AeQ Killua (EUW) 4454826
7th dive into mist (EUW) 4067224
8th Anniemore (BR) 3880933
9th T14K (EUW) 3812510
10th 연락하는 사람은 (KR) 3805266
11th Dasant Ko (LAS) 3699781
12th chongko8888 (EUW) 3483725
13th dAnnieBo1 (NA) 3354996
14th 까칠한홍당무 (KR) 3311096
15th 행복한 해남군 (KR) 3252006
16th 애니는맛세 (KR) 3155492
17th Miguelurozz7 (LAN) 2855566
18th Panda Annie (OCE) 2842309
19th Dyzinel (BR) 2776624
20th Anestra1227 (NA) 2751632
21st 킹 애니 (KR) 2692516
22nd 20XREEN01 (NA) 2686727
23rd Rito Games Kuro (LAS) 2673656
24th albyyyyy (NA) 2610125
25th not Anniemore (NA) 2580663