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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Dismal (LAS) 5728902
2nd Piotr06 (EUNE) 4992027
3rd 노 케일 노 게임 (KR) 3695382
4th DabClouds (NA) 3560405
5th Waii (KR) 3402214
6th 앵두완자 (KR) 3297594
7th DW6990 (NA) 3228738
8th oneyedragon1979 (NA) 3207957
9th Diogenesis (EUW) 3163457
10th Alpha190 (EUW) 2941511
11th BIadeRunn3r (NA) 2894518
12th 불멸의천신 (KR) 2729889
13th 공속싸대귀 (KR) 2723011
14th LuckyD (NA) 2666593
15th 투썸 아메리카노 (KR) 2534303
16th Dawidsonek (EUW) 2418623
17th II fsociety II (TR) 2397510
18th Mastranthonyus (EUW) 2357868
19th Scrumpadoochus (EUW) 2279417
20th 실화냐 실화맞냐 (KR) 2270305
21st bho (JP) 2198745
22nd TheRightClickGod (NA) 2196681
23rd We Win Late Pog (NA) 2154249
24th LewCat (NA) 2152011
25th lostyouth (EUW) 2136612