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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Piotr06 (EUNE) 4194102
2nd XchasconX (LAS) 3829656
3rd C9 Cucks (NA) 2857401
4th 공속싸대귀 (KR) 2723011
5th Diogenesis (EUW) 2587250
6th BIadeRunn3r (NA) 2177283
7th 유리 밤 (KR) 2093411
8th oneyedragon1979 (NA) 2065961
9th LuckyD (NA) 2033755
10th Major z Bombasu (EUW) 2020465
11th Alpha190 (EUW) 2005020
12th LewCat (NA) 1984891
13th II fsociety II (TR) 1926407
14th 백두산부대 케일 (KR) 1846685
15th DW6990 (NA) 1789953
16th sarara criola (BR) 1775151
17th Sëth Rich (NA) 1723218
18th Chimaera244 (NA) 1669727
19th Kayleminator (EUW) 1554063
20th sieesch (EUW) 1544381
21st redwoodR (EUNE) 1521666
22nd Legend Of (NA) 1518506
23rd WhiteFilling (EUW) 1509215
24th Divine Fury (NA) 1433080
25th AStek1 (EUNE) 1429513