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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st XchasconX (LAS) 4710300
2nd Piotr06 (EUNE) 4625755
3rd twisted XX (KR) 3297594
4th DabClouds (NA) 3288543
5th Diogenesis (EUW) 3163457
6th Waii (KR) 2909762
7th oneyedragon1979 (NA) 2769090
8th 공속싸대귀 (KR) 2723011
9th BIadeRunn3r (NA) 2628421
10th 투썸 아메리카노 (KR) 2484108
11th DW6990 (NA) 2452425
12th Alpha190 (EUW) 2415517
13th II fsociety II (TR) 2397510
14th LuckyD (NA) 2367410
15th 실화냐 실화맞냐 (KR) 2270305
16th Dawidsonek (EUW) 2217260
17th 유리 밤 (KR) 2093411
18th LewCat (NA) 2023187
19th TheRightClickGod (NA) 1999895
20th Mastranthonyus (EUW) 1988485
21st KirGii (EUNE) 1940051
22nd r0kst4r (NA) 1926437
23rd HaNeuL Kayle (KR) 1918524
24th Chimaera244 (NA) 1899632
25th lostyouth (EUW) 1895086