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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Nvo1 (EUNE) 2322167
2nd FearDaDonkey (NA) 2275384
3rd 3gami (EUNE) 2223109
4th LIONSHARE (TR) 2138599
5th ck10 (EUNE) 2131051
6th ImmerWiederJim (EUW) 2069600
7th Xerath on script (EUW) 2009125
8th Alos Asanindel (NA) 1884795
9th 돌탱이 (KR) 1815628
10th Triste sem você (BR) 1698676
11th SirM0rgan (NA) 1685703
12th Kíng Xerath (EUW) 1642967
13th Zeus a Lenda (BR) 1637774
14th RefinedPluto8 (NA) 1615083
15th PowerMike G5 (NA) 1614429
16th ForIAmRoot (EUW) 1614366
17th Boosted Xerath (NA) 1603653
18th WalkingNerd (EUNE) 1603068
19th souBronzemeRepor (BR) 1586972
20th ACK9Ball (NA) 1571599
21st I H8 EvERRRRRRy1 (KR) 1559398
22nd UncIe Tony (NA) 1524541
23rd Jafks (NA) 1522224
24th TheBigNut (NA) 1498178
25th ShockViper (EUW) 1495601