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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st FearDaDonkey (NA) 2235462
2nd Nvo1 (EUNE) 2186589
3rd ck10 (EUNE) 1987822
4th LIONSHARE (TR) 1927427
5th 3gami (EUNE) 1887773
6th Alos Asanindel (NA) 1752667
7th Kíng Xerath (EUW) 1642967
8th ImmerWiederJim (EUW) 1626373
9th Xerath on script (EUW) 1605112
10th Triste sem você (BR) 1498173
11th APMidsOnly (NA) 1468919
12th souBronzemeRepor (BR) 1439616
13th one of the kind (KR) 1439179
14th RefinedPluto8 (NA) 1396041
15th ChxDntNeedScripz (NA) 1384959
16th WalkingNerd (EUNE) 1355970
17th Je suis Simon (EUW) 1355776
18th ShockViper (EUW) 1342471
19th PowerMike G5 (NA) 1331408
20th Zeus a Lenda (BR) 1309466
21st 4Blunt2Time0 (NA) 1297542
22nd TooSlowPoke (EUW) 1255256
23rd XerathąndLeo (NA) 1248102
24th Kamaleonn (LAS) 1242572
25th ForIAmRoot (EUW) 1242548