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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st htareX niaM 9gag (EUW) 2435736
2nd 3gami (EUNE) 2378997
3rd ImmerWiederJim (EUW) 2345985
4th Alos Asanindel (NA) 2344169
5th Nvo1 (EUNE) 2327187
6th FearDaDonkey (NA) 2304829
7th Commander Failor (RU) 2290833
8th 돌탱이 (KR) 2222269
9th ACK9Ball (NA) 2161819
10th LIONSHARE (TR) 2140165
11th ck10 (EUNE) 2131051
12th ForIAmRoot (EUW) 1974380
13th Triste sem você (BR) 1947235
14th TooSlowPoke (EUW) 1884556
15th SirM0rgan (NA) 1854479
16th PowerMike G5 (NA) 1837390
17th UncIe Tony (NA) 1802467
18th WalkingNerd (EUNE) 1776340
19th Hatosiris (EUW) 1772343
20th Zeus a Lenda (BR) 1764888
21st Jafks (NA) 1726970
22nd souBronzemeRepor (BR) 1699957
23rd PSYCHO MODE (KR) 1699735
24th Kíng Xerath (EUW) 1642967
25th FearDaKitten (NA) 1626958