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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 전투 기계 제라스 (KR) 4511566
2nd 롯데손승락 (KR) 4193585
3rd Serath on Xcript (EUW) 3252922
4th ACK9Ball (NA) 2943537
5th Falhei em vida (BR) 2902498
6th ImmerWiederJim (EUW) 2844291
7th Commander Failor (RU) 2675375
8th 31일엔하프갤런 (KR) 2638860
9th Alos Asanindel (NA) 2606773
10th FearDaDonkey (NA) 2566985
11th 3gami (EUNE) 2506127
12th GreasedLightning (OCE) 2459723
13th croc80 (BR) 2445478
14th No meu time feda (BR) 2353163
15th ForIAmRoot (EUW) 2335004
16th Nvo1 (EUNE) 2329844
17th 제라스 그 이상 (KR) 2205764
18th LIONSHARE (TR) 2145470
19th PowerMike G5 (NA) 2145125
20th ck10 (EUNE) 2131051
21st Hatosiris (EUW) 2104073
22nd UncIe Tony (NA) 2062929
23rd 세계최고제라스 (KR) 2028669
24th Jafks (NA) 1987059
25th Triste sem você (BR) 1956723