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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st POSEYDON888 (EUW) 3888091
2nd The Saint PT (EUW) 2799313
3rd SHYBOOOM arg (LAS) 2600089
4th JMLEQ (EUW) 2353652
5th Dragon City (LAN) 2311074
6th Fury0 (EUNE) 2215675
7th Dis3 (EUW) 2202664
8th DarkestNeox (NA) 2185780
9th PrideSP (NA) 2173689
10th DaGamingDragon (NA) 2155472
11th leona god 69 (NA) 2138517
12th Rivdex (RU) 2040290
13th リュウさん (JP) 2034667
14th miiller (LAN) 1925419
15th ChefGCookie (NA) 1902503
16th icefire009 (OCE) 1897533
17th Cagleskid (NA) 1896487
18th BUTTA (BR) 1887036
19th Thunderlord A (NA) 1837386
20th Geniuses Sidius (EUW) 1806542
21st 26Forever (NA) 1797637
22nd TheShyvanaGod (NA) 1755801
23rd The Liability (OCE) 1746695
24th HUBACK (BR) 1724460
25th happy rusev day (LAN) 1709114