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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st POSEYDON888 (EUW) 4255756
2nd BUTTA (BR) 4036547
3rd The Saint PT (EUW) 3286453
4th sky수원 (KR) 2967021
5th 내가앙앙 (KR) 2939103
6th baroninja (EUNE) 2923146
7th lfgrain (NA) 2825043
8th Martin Garrix (LAN) 2795801
9th SHYBOOOM arg (LAS) 2785205
10th Dracored Brutal (BR) 2776484
11th JMLEQ (EUW) 2762928
12th Dis3 (EUW) 2746812
13th ehrtnfl7 (KR) 2622731
14th SwedenEvGuru (EUW) 2615050
15th Thunderlord A (NA) 2595634
16th Grukon (BR) 2579680
17th Fury0 (EUNE) 2447241
18th DaGamingDragon (NA) 2427616
19th リュウさん (JP) 2414007
20th Rivdex (RU) 2354708
21st DarkestNeox (NA) 2351094
22nd Rockurworld (NA) 2346721
23rd DragonDemonBlack (BR) 2291203
24th Veralion (NA) 2228592
25th PrideSP (NA) 2173689