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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st POSEYDON888 (EUW) 3795068
2nd The Saint PT (EUW) 2624059
3rd SHYBOOOM arg (LAS) 2515999
4th Fury0 (EUNE) 2215675
5th JMLEQ (EUW) 2203523
6th DarkestNeox (NA) 2185780
7th PrideSP (NA) 2173689
8th Dragon City (LAN) 2125413
9th Shyvana God 69 (NA) 2123687
10th Dis3 (EUW) 2101914
11th DaGamingDragon (NA) 2054524
12th Rivdex (RU) 2033940
13th リュウさん (JP) 1958586
14th miiller (LAN) 1925419
15th icefire009 (OCE) 1893987
16th ChefGCookie (NA) 1851952
17th Cagleskid (NA) 1790866
18th HUBACK (BR) 1722009
19th 26Forever (NA) 1710955
20th The Liability (OCE) 1701748
21st Thunderlord A (NA) 1679670
22nd K Star Shyvana (LAN) 1659269
23rd TheShyvanaGod (NA) 1648916
24th Statikk Shyv (EUNE) 1641441
25th LucasMingau (BR) 1610187