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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st POSEYDON888 (EUW) 3338435
2nd SHYBOOOM arg (LAS) 2249981
3rd The Saint PT (EUW) 2182169
4th PrideSP (NA) 2173689
5th DarkestNeox (NA) 2149723
6th Fury0 (EUNE) 2065370
7th Dis3 (EUW) 1936641
8th Lp3 miller (LAN) 1869086
9th JMLEQ (EUW) 1861457
10th icefire009 (OCE) 1834951
11th Shyvana God 69 (NA) 1830287
12th DaGamingDragon (NA) 1796454
13th HUBACK (BR) 1717098
14th Rivdex (RU) 1692833
15th LucasMingau (BR) 1593201
16th Statikk Shyv (EUNE) 1569254
17th Cagleskid (NA) 1567344
18th MrDABsWildRide (NA) 1551120
19th ImDaNuts (EUNE) 1532825
20th anonymoooous (EUW) 1488102
21st The Liability (OCE) 1483793
22nd 1st Time Shyvana (LAN) 1469377
23rd TheShyvanaGod (NA) 1461731
24th 26Forever (NA) 1451846
25th Avicii Legend (EUNE) 1436143