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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st JoeruNoKumiho (EUW) 3115729
2nd RavenOner (EUW) 3107465
3rd Verti (EUW) 2889347
4th MiyaAsura (BR) 2715826
5th 이용신 (KR) 2684042
6th lola bunnie (NA) 2564265
7th AhriIsMyWaifuS2 (BR) 2383614
8th We Are Worthless (NA) 2383129
9th A Charming Ahri (NA) 2246152
10th GS Metal (LAN) 2135331
11th QQQ (EUW) 2082488
12th Blaze Wolf891 (NA) 2078996
13th Arsus (EUW) 2029935
14th Guhz (LAN) 2019454
15th Shira Miyuko (EUW) 2014302
16th foxmarco (EUW) 2000409
17th AwesomePrussia34 (NA) 1998953
18th Mewko (NA) 1984266
19th FabWarlock (NA) 1983369
20th ExcaliberPrime (NA) 1948824
21st Kikazo (LAN) 1940012
22nd Lotus Storm (NA) 1932373
23rd Twisted Charm (LAS) 1926640
24th boludo mal (LAS) 1914124
25th Ahris Orb (EUW) 1879221