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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st YT Jeeryxus (EUW) 5168595
2nd AwesomePrussia34 (NA) 4047974
3rd LEC MiyaAsura (BR) 3906269
4th RavenOner (EUW) 3694491
5th ExcaliberPrime (NA) 3459131
6th We Are Worthless (NA) 3262934
7th Kimiyah (NA) 3150873
8th Zero Metal (LAN) 3109511
9th Verti (EUW) 3054156
10th A Charming Ahri (NA) 3042719
11th LFFN (NA) 2979537
12th 달 긔 (KR) 2937900
13th 산 고 (KR) 2927597
14th Skýcrow (EUW) 2835198
15th FabWarlock (NA) 2759857
16th Ahris Orb (EUW) 2752955
17th AhriIsMyWaifuS2 (BR) 2691611
18th FanboyDeTouhou (LAS) 2668371
19th Ahri Sumire (BR) 2601422
20th HunterDragon (LAN) 2595702
21st Lotus Storm (NA) 2575448
22nd Snow Fox (LAN) 2544086
23rd Mewko (NA) 2501162
24th Bria en Rose (LAN) 2439225
25th Guhz Strange (NA) 2420643