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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Jeeryxus YT (EUW) 4302910
2nd MiyaAsura (BR) 3545452
3rd RavenOner (EUW) 3531782
4th AwesomePrussia34 (NA) 3269158
5th Assassin Ahri (NA) 3136690
6th Verti (EUW) 3035952
7th We Are Worthless (NA) 2862969
8th riririri (KR) 2838312
9th ExcaliberPrime (NA) 2790942
10th A Charming Ahri (NA) 2782676
11th 산 고 (KR) 2776190
12th Zero Metal (LAN) 2747411
13th AhriIsMyWaifuS2 (BR) 2691611
14th Ahris Orb (EUW) 2557512
15th LFFN (NA) 2542263
16th Skýcrow (EUW) 2476109
17th FabWarlock (NA) 2452868
18th Bria en Rose (LAN) 2438393
19th Guhz Strange (NA) 2420643
20th HunterDragon (LAN) 2396740
21st 유수인 (KR) 2390636
22nd FanboyDeTouhou (LAS) 2327878
23rd Pärzival (LAN) 2326353
24th Lotus Storm (NA) 2303530
25th Mitsuha Kitsune (EUW) 2227579