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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st CARLOS FENIX (EUW) 4940674
2nd GRA (TR) 3190793
3rd Sęxy Bábourać (EUNE) 3169564
4th ViseralNotion (NA) 2518579
5th Barack Oganjja (BR) 2240934
6th I Want My Cigar (NA) 2168206
7th Lazair (NA) 2030416
8th POLO TO ASS (EUNE) 1981437
9th Agent Frost (NA) 1944749
10th dako mkd (EUNE) 1843258
11th js911 (NA) 1804298
12th Xeffirot (EUW) 1794496
13th Geißel der Pfalz (EUW) 1785086
14th 버스기사 협회장 (KR) 1654556
15th Mighty Conqueror (EUNE) 1647449
16th Zalru (TR) 1617435
17th DreadfulShot (EUW) 1603260
18th 1NightRanger1 (NA) 1598108
19th Doctor Who (NA) 1561770
20th falcon corleone (EUW) 1537382
21st thebody007 (EUW) 1508876
22nd DeathStr3aM (EUW) 1489619
23rd Main over Meta (EUW) 1479339
24th Lomuuran (LAN) 1469220
25th al bakry44 (EUNE) 1468326