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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st CARLOS FENIX (EUW) 5074566
2nd SIKILMADIM (TR) 3752627
3rd Sęxy Bábourać (EUNE) 3609221
4th ViseralNotion (NA) 3505612
5th AMINO2700 (EUNE) 3351178
6th Barack Oganjja (BR) 3241352
7th Struggling (NA) 2782788
8th lfgrain (NA) 2308650
9th O DAKO O (EUNE) 2224554
10th Xeffirot (EUW) 2183726
11th Agent Frost (NA) 2148066
12th Lazair (NA) 2146447
13th Grrrråy (EUNE) 2016005
14th Geißel der Pfalz (EUW) 2012001
15th 1NightRanger1 (NA) 1957545
16th js911 (NA) 1939245
17th Adopted Child (EUW) 1928058
18th Zalru (TR) 1881284
19th Mighty Conqueror (EUNE) 1821729
20th Blue Magic 22 (NA) 1786954
21st Hit And Run 3 (EUNE) 1768388
22nd falcon corleone (EUW) 1749133
23rd thebody007 (EUW) 1740510
24th 버스기사 협회장 (KR) 1712707
25th JehZs (BR) 1702819