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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st CARLOS FENIX (EUW) 5073032
2nd Sęxy Bábourać (EUNE) 3365934
3rd GRA (TR) 3191348
4th ViseralNotion (NA) 2961283
5th Barack Oganjja (BR) 2705748
6th I Want My Cigar (NA) 2553117
7th lfgrain (NA) 2227973
8th Agent Frost (NA) 2047174
9th Lazair (NA) 2045675
10th dako mkd (EUNE) 2025355
12th Geißel der Pfalz (EUW) 1974319
13th Xeffirot (EUW) 1960419
14th js911 (NA) 1907165
15th 1NightRanger1 (NA) 1868809
16th Zalru (TR) 1812301
17th Adopted Child (EUW) 1725334
18th 버스기사 협회장 (KR) 1690980
19th falcon corleone (EUW) 1669043
20th Mighty Conqueror (EUNE) 1668560
21st thebody007 (EUW) 1640481
22nd Doctor Who (NA) 1624717
23rd JehZs (BR) 1612779
24th Juice Box Heroes (NA) 1564869
25th DeathStr3aM (EUW) 1500761