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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st CARLOS FENIX (EUW) 5077930
2nd ViseralNotion (NA) 4052352
3rd SIKILMADIM (TR) 3787815
4th Sęxy Bábourać (EUNE) 3736241
5th AMINO2700 (EUNE) 3679301
6th Baracck Oganja (BR) 3496891
7th Struggling (NA) 2855168
8th laohe888 (NA) 2691431
9th O DAKO O (EUNE) 2459589
10th lfgrain (NA) 2313219
11th Xeffirot (EUW) 2249211
12th Agent Frost (NA) 2212188
13th Lazair (NA) 2163460
14th Adopted Child (EUW) 2088951
15th Zalru (TR) 2063953
16th js911 (NA) 2055627
17th Grrrråy (EUNE) 2027264
18th Geißel der Pfalz (EUW) 2012001
19th 1NightRanger1 (NA) 1993025
20th Gangster72Rus (RU) 1990246
21st Hit And Run 3 (EUNE) 1881744
22nd Mighty Conqueror (EUNE) 1852565
23rd Blue Magic 22 (NA) 1807828
24th Doctor Who (NA) 1759191
25th al bakry44 (EUNE) 1750451