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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st CARLOS FENIX (EUW) 5073032
2nd Sęxy Bábourać (EUNE) 3265190
3rd GRA (TR) 3191348
4th ViseralNotion (NA) 2799674
5th Barack Oganjja (BR) 2472266
6th I Want My Cigar (NA) 2351481
7th Lazair (NA) 2045675
8th Agent Frost (NA) 2015711
10th dako mkd (EUNE) 1983919
11th Xeffirot (EUW) 1940136
12th Geißel der Pfalz (EUW) 1910089
13th js911 (NA) 1882589
14th Zalru (TR) 1764149
15th 1NightRanger1 (NA) 1727345
16th 버스기사 협회장 (KR) 1678215
17th Adopted Child (EUW) 1673498
18th falcon corleone (EUW) 1668437
19th Mighty Conqueror (EUNE) 1663559
20th Doctor Who (NA) 1591846
21st JehZs (BR) 1579065
22nd thebody007 (EUW) 1547690
23rd Main over Meta (EUW) 1492171
24th DeathStr3aM (EUW) 1491227
25th Lomuuran (LAN) 1469220