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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st SUPERPESCAO (LAS) 5453653
2nd MarchedWaif89 (LAN) 4183254
3rd 옵 바 (KR) 3735357
4th NK IIAKIRAII (LAN) 3599193
5th DrDidit (NA) 3288695
6th 재 간 입니다 (KR) 3031813
7th DeviIos (EUW) 2852631
8th steven0350 (LAN) 2654347
9th Barbulescu (NA) 2648213
10th No hago leash (LAS) 2598098
11th Talinis (NA) 2552550
12th Vincent Overkill (LAS) 2470241
13th Fizz Reloaded (NA) 2466697
14th TheCharuman (EUW) 2435282
15th a pooches (NA) 2432314
16th SeaBurial (NA) 2388175
17th Crainie (EUW) 2341550
18th Fizzykid (NA) 2340038
19th XxjovarXx (LAN) 2339824
20th Etien (LAS) 2338974
21st Kypamurx (EUW) 2323210
22nd Demonsolidsnake (NA) 2317002
23rd Luigí (EUW) 2268716
24th Domenick (NA) 2207784
25th Selachii (NA) 2111486