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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st SUPERPESCAO (LAS) 5227341
2nd MarchedWaif89 (LAN) 4048391
3rd NK IIAKIRAII (LAN) 3503493
4th DrDidit (NA) 3076032
5th 재 간 입니다 (KR) 3002491
6th DeviIos (EUW) 2827904
7th steven0350 (LAN) 2654347
8th Barbulescu (NA) 2645786
9th One Jump (LAS) 2574730
10th Talinis (NA) 2437564
11th TheCharuman (EUW) 2435282
12th Vincent Overkill (LAS) 2366761
13th XxjovarXx (LAN) 2339824
14th Fizzykid (NA) 2327509
15th Etien (LAS) 2318891
16th Fizz Reloaded (NA) 2300397
17th Crainie (EUW) 2294029
18th a pooches (NA) 2270328
19th Demonsolidsnake (NA) 2229261
20th Kypamurx (EUW) 2227371
21st Luigí (EUW) 2226320
22nd YuGu (NA) 2159685
23rd Domenick (NA) 2128812
24th ZelliosX (NA) 2104256
25th 피 즈 핵 꿀 잼 (KR) 2078839