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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st SUPERPESCAO (LAS) 5677701
2nd MarchedWaif89 (LAN) 4285020
3rd 옵 바 (KR) 3784898
4th NK IIAKIRAII (LAN) 3635111
5th DrDidit (NA) 3519793
6th 재 간 입니다 (KR) 3091736
7th Dynost (BR) 2967961
8th DeviIos (EUW) 2954458
9th Talinis (NA) 2716258
10th steven0350 (LAN) 2654347
11th Barbulescu (NA) 2648213
12th No hago leash (LAS) 2619390
13th a pooches (NA) 2516707
14th TJyz (NA) 2511992
15th CAMINO DE RIPIO (LAS) 2511592
16th Fizz Reloaded (NA) 2493675
17th TheCharuman (EUW) 2485892
18th Crainie (EUW) 2434096
19th Luigí (EUW) 2370587
20th Kypamurx (EUW) 2351971
21st Fizzykid (NA) 2347367
22nd XxjovarXx (LAN) 2339824
23rd Demonsolidsnake (NA) 2339280
24th Etien (LAS) 2338974
25th Domenick (NA) 2210183