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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st HatesU (NA) 4817591
2nd 볼리베어만8000판 (KR) 3834102
3rd elseu (EUW) 3772059
4th tucastigo64 (EUW) 3048233
5th 양학머신999 (KR) 2947079
6th SirBerlinStyle (EUW) 2879848
7th Bodybear (NA) 2877155
8th 칙칙폭폭콜라곰 (KR) 2866506
9th Mute All n Voli (NA) 2801562
10th ANASTASIA 24GR (EUNE) 2701578
11th Jajomen123 (EUNE) 2672558
12th VöliBEER (EUNE) 2647801
13th HrAklhzZzZ (EUNE) 2568642
14th Hippo4life (NA) 2534973
15th KevinMaxPhoto (NA) 2415387
16th Catatauul (BR) 2391105
17th Maxìmus (EUNE) 2370187
18th Furlu (EUW) 2351582
19th kgp (BR) 2350665
20th itz me playing (EUW) 2335049
21st KING VOLIBEAR (BR) 2321800
22nd RMBAYYY (EUW) 2297601
23rd batavona (EUNE) 2268385
24th Ruggggg (NA) 2267582
25th 마동석원펀치곰 (KR) 2230328