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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Predador V (BR) 3412483
2nd ChaosRain (NA) 3084100
3rd Yautja Wolf (EUNE) 2969006
4th Insiide (NA) 2663629
5th SticketeStackete (EUW) 2471230
6th quaticon (EUW) 2470874
7th Tommahawk1 (EUW) 2435525
8th 그레이셋기야 (KR) 2401409
9th PridestaIker (BR) 2395932
10th HX Headhunter (EUW) 2352437
11th 9NineCat (TR) 2262674
12th BrokenRengo (EUNE) 2233221
13th Walmart Yodeling (EUW) 2207130
14th Sttatikk (NA) 2181514
15th P 1 (NA) 2181489
16th Captain Rengar (EUNE) 2158988
17th II Type One II (EUW) 2136926
18th Rågnårøk (EUW) 2135517
19th DuMontanha (BR) 2130032
20th 3rroR (EUNE) 2128493
21st Lann (EUW) 2066397
22nd Hi Im Rèngar (NA) 2049654
23rd Ustanák (LAS) 2048789
24th ySora (BR) 2006687
25th im Juicy (NA) 1984024