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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st PREDADOR V (BR) 4040317
2nd 라이어흥킹 (KR) 3959280
3rd ChaosRain (NA) 3595369
4th Dailomer (EUNE) 3118188
5th Insiide (NA) 3031682
6th Trail Of Bodies (EUNE) 3015333
7th T R U D Ê N (TR) 2911292
8th SticketeStackete (EUW) 2726224
9th HX Headhunter (EUW) 2715366
10th 어성초 비누 (KR) 2699038
11th II Type One II (EUW) 2598584
12th quaticon (EUW) 2552916
13th Rengar 1 vs 9 (TR) 2528206
14th Sttatikk (NA) 2504034
15th Soul Harper (BR) 2453915
16th Tommahawk1 (EUW) 2442044
17th BrokenRengo (EUNE) 2433684
18th PridestaIker (BR) 2395932
19th P 1 (NA) 2390514
20th Hi Im Rèngar (NA) 2354185
21st Trué Huntér (EUNE) 2348804
22nd Everlon (EUNE) 2332874
23rd DuMontanha (BR) 2304836
24th Młody Shrek (EUNE) 2234001
25th Walmart Yodeling (EUW) 2207130