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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st PREDADOR V (BR) 3834082
2nd 랭 갸 (KR) 3527576
3rd ChaosRain (NA) 3502900
4th Dailomer (EUNE) 3102133
5th Insiide (NA) 2906993
6th HX Headhunter (EUW) 2690497
7th SticketeStackete (EUW) 2649740
8th 선레 가능 (KR) 2583382
9th Meοw (EUNE) 2545156
10th II Type One II (EUW) 2511379
11th quaticon (EUW) 2508640
12th 9NineCat (TR) 2491338
13th Sttatikk (NA) 2464657
14th Tommahawk1 (EUW) 2439384
15th BrokenRengo (EUNE) 2420975
16th PridestaIker (BR) 2395932
17th P 1 (NA) 2375483
18th DuMontanha (BR) 2292041
19th Hi Im Rèngar (NA) 2275965
20th Trué Huntér (EUNE) 2245881
21st Everlon (EUNE) 2236405
22nd Soul Harper (BR) 2220778
23rd Walmart Yodeling (EUW) 2207130
24th rtbf37886825 (EUNE) 2158988
25th Ustanák (LAS) 2149806