Master Yi

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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 밤에별 (KR) 4568982
2nd Azagoth (LAS) 3857542
3rd MasterYiSoonShin (KR) 3851178
4th dereki (EUNE) 3550337
5th hotep38 (EUNE) 3448969
6th SLICES (EUW) 3293516
7th FinalF4NTASY (BR) 2985491
8th f è r ò c 3 (EUW) 2894934
9th YIYIYI GUO (LAN) 2871189
10th yiyiyiyi (NA) 2644276
11th Shqipe ACAB (EUNE) 2564606
12th Mono Master Yi (BR) 2527955
13th ScoobyKiller (EUW) 2521227
14th Fix alpha bugs (EUW) 2494487
15th helleyesZ (EUW) 2479926
16th januszjoz2 (EUW) 2465482
17th SpyshadoW (NA) 2402965
18th SlashStriker (EUW) 2382915
19th TwchTV BesttYiNA (NA) 2363798
20th Jedi (LAS) 2344651
21st Loyal to the Yi (EUW) 2270581
22nd tauperharley (EUW) 2239469
23rd PiVoRx (EUNE) 2127521
24th sidnaciousness (EUW) 2067211
25th connectingthedot (OCE) 2009008