Master Yi

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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Azagoth (LAS) 6452514
2nd 밤에별 (KR) 6122619
3rd hotep38 (EUNE) 5824737
4th ComeOn터프한 (KR) 5772870
5th king YI (EUNE) 5531301
6th LIQUIDADOR (LAN) 4976066
7th SLICES (EUW) 4771090
8th 탈진마이 (KR) 4769664
9th Ryan Swaze (NA) 4678732
10th 신뢰의마이 (KR) 4664186
11th 17762314del (KR) 4628238
12th 오스밀79 (KR) 4618083
13th dereki (EUNE) 4577712
14th 오 마OI 갓 (KR) 4325343
15th Mono Master Yi (BR) 4310240
16th elpa66 (EUNE) 4280253
17th CML Master Yi (KR) 4218862
18th Lightn1ngPower (NA) 4166211
19th deathrower (NA) 4148858
20th PSYCOPATICO (EUW) 3953551
21st Rankar (LAS) 3912971
22nd SlashStriker (EUW) 3847302
23rd Asian Sensation (EUNE) 3827037
24th Professor Yi (EUW) 3761567
25th FinalF4NTASY (BR) 3736553