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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 롤 한번해보세 (KR) 2534163
2nd leesnett (EUNE) 2525989
3rd BuneDemon (NA) 2397349
4th HG Varus (EUW) 2206752
5th RaSiel (RU) 2128099
6th Mevarus (EUW) 2008147
7th Barakoini (NA) 1996447
8th N3bula (EUW) 1954577
9th Deivid1304 (EUW) 1944783
10th ArroW of D3ath (NA) 1934943
11th GREEN WOLF (OCE) 1785044
12th Aragosta (NA) 1713150
13th tripleclean (NA) 1685087
14th Lajavko (EUNE) 1611966
15th Rankblood (EUW) 1530674
16th Rydrius (NA) 1419398
17th Eisuke (NA) 1413733
18th The Varus God (NA) 1411453
19th Povilas93 (RU) 1399630
20th xXblinXx (EUW) 1376844
21st WeeD MaiN (EUW) 1328338
22nd zinkanagwouaka (EUW) 1299520
23rd Jadzia (EUNE) 1274498
24th Dumpster Lord (NA) 1228052
25th Frambola (NA) 1209700