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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Rаziel (RU) 3009039
2nd Archanegel (NA) 2989982
3rd leesnett (EUNE) 2973724
4th BuneDemon (NA) 2787968
5th v7v7 (BR) 2713435
6th HG Idriss (EUW) 2669495
7th Hamodybadawood (EUW) 2578535
8th 롤 한번해보세 (KR) 2551940
9th Eisuke (NA) 2528850
10th N3bula (EUW) 2514746
11th Mevarus (EUW) 2466133
12th GREEN WOLF (OCE) 2461651
13th Lajavko (EUNE) 2355163
14th ArroW of D3ath (NA) 2244552
15th tripleclean (NA) 2049411
16th Deivid1304 (EUW) 2028242
17th Barakoini (NA) 1996447
18th Povilas93 (RU) 1982533
19th TDS Ace zOath (EUW) 1941300
20th elia0000 (EUW) 1903052
21st keloğlan123 (TR) 1863741
22nd DonGato63 (NA) 1851733
23rd predators11 (EUNE) 1814503
24th Aragosta (NA) 1760307
25th xXblinXx (EUW) 1677785