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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st AlienTao (NA) 3753898
2nd 긔두깎기인형 (KR) 3445491
3rd The Kid 1v9 (BR) 2572775
4th hifriendy (EUW) 2530895
5th Eggscelent (EUW) 2393728
6th LFAR (LAN) 2232761
7th MilesTegg (OCE) 2165036
8th Mystery Yoghurt (OCE) 2049010
9th xDoop (EUW) 2022779
10th Zane Prodigy (NA) 1711947
11th Fiwelbeuk (EUW) 1699387
12th snakydev (NA) 1670863
13th Invalid account (NA) 1634692
14th Kroosier (NA) 1633214
15th TSM Doublekilled (JP) 1628332
16th KM Yaano (EUW) 1591082
17th oxenfree221 (NA) 1581877
18th Alexmachina (EUW) 1471898
19th Viktorious BIG (NA) 1449994
20th Jovis (NA) 1436374
21st bananaan (EUNE) 1428343
22nd Remmi (EUNE) 1403898
23rd Moroccan Fakër (EUW) 1400911
24th Machiner (NA) 1396490
25th Aarönzin (BR) 1388682