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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st AlienTao (NA) 3175176
2nd xDoop (EUW) 1981204
3rd hifriendy (EUW) 1862070
4th LFAR (LAN) 1841730
5th Mystery Yoghurt (OCE) 1805783
6th snakydev (NA) 1652283
7th TSM Doublekilled (JP) 1628332
8th Eggscelent (EUW) 1556512
9th MilesTegg (OCE) 1528595
10th PCS Fiwel (EUW) 1526780
11th Zane Prodigy (BR) 1509527
12th Kroosier (NA) 1428283
13th Jovis (NA) 1406055
14th Zane Prodigy (NA) 1361211
15th Alexmachina (EUW) 1348609
16th Mastin777 (NA) 1332151
17th Jeanthony (LAN) 1325574
18th EclipseRanger (EUNE) 1313169
19th Iohara Ferreira (BR) 1266002
20th CG Evocidet (EUW) 1244884
21st Scorrius (EUNE) 1226815
22nd Kimzar (NA) 1223205
23rd Mortharion (EUW) 1202667
24th SoKoSoKo (EUW) 1189283
25th Juippi (EUNE) 1185957