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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st AlienTao (NA) 3407506
2nd hifriendy (EUW) 2080227
3rd Mystery Yoghurt (OCE) 2049010
4th LFAR (LAN) 2044961
5th xDoop (EUW) 1998328
6th Eggscelent (EUW) 1898705
7th Dun br (BR) 1891223
8th MilesTegg (OCE) 1797996
9th snakydev (NA) 1670863
10th Fiwelbeuk (EUW) 1628890
11th TSM Doublekilled (JP) 1628332
12th Kroosier (NA) 1471382
13th Zane Prodigy (NA) 1452567
14th Jovis (NA) 1421409
15th Alexmachina (EUW) 1400534
16th oxenfree221 (NA) 1366218
17th Aarön (BR) 1334795
18th Mastin777 (NA) 1332151
19th Jeanthony (LAN) 1325574
20th EclipseRanger (EUNE) 1313169
21st Storm Chao (EUW) 1301583
22nd SoKoSoKo (EUW) 1299610
23rd Subhuman Trash (EUNE) 1289104
24th Machiner (NA) 1273742
25th YoungxDaggerxDik (NA) 1273598