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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 땅딸보 (KR) 3418956
2nd PegasusQuantam (NA) 2841724
3rd TayTıS (TR) 2762386
4th koketem3 (EUNE) 2231035
5th pasdarovna (EUNE) 2206613
6th FLakka (TR) 2115820
7th gdfgzs (EUW) 1837400
8th Senior Sejuani (TR) 1749334
9th marekc (EUNE) 1679571
10th rtbf28059729 (EUW) 1655531
11th Schwartlappen (EUW) 1591262
12th SejuSup (EUW) 1578118
13th BARTEQ84 (EUNE) 1501411
14th yukitsan (EUNE) 1477881
15th GundayMonday (NA) 1402056
16th ForceObscure (EUW) 1375798
17th kupiec korzenny (EUNE) 1370051
18th OneEyeGod (NA) 1328725
19th Muzzatron (EUNE) 1326831
20th Bibelworte (BR) 1305031
21st Nola Zombie (NA) 1252493
22nd SoyMilkYum (NA) 1238856
23rd Smash Bros is OP (EUW) 1219377
24th hartag (NA) 1217554
25th J4R00 (EUNE) 1186570