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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st ImCreeping Death (NA) 3973506
2nd BloodAmethystTTV (OCE) 3730448
3rd DüngDuXIIIeme (EUW) 3647091
4th xfioramaster18 (NA) 3515964
5th 라오피 (KR) 3107851
6th PerfectCadence (EUW) 2901123
7th PositivePower (NA) 2562323
8th LPL mengyue (EUW) 2384905
9th Truelovefiora (TR) 2382834
10th Living For Duels (EUNE) 2340447
11th SvG ShiZo (NA) 2312456
12th 써니컴온 (KR) 2282607
13th Saaii (EUW) 2277280
14th Jeancoas (BR) 2250688
15th Feedôra (EUNE) 2249935
16th Murica Wins (NA) 2240411
17th 갓오라 (KR) 2227668
18th FioraAfricana (BR) 2210993
19th Helidemiphagus (LAN) 2192866
20th Lord Tariq (NA) 2144506
21st Neuromind (LAN) 2142902
22nd SwiftJudgment (NA) 2039725
23rd ColdBloodedWolf (NA) 2037130
24th LuchYanII (EUW) 2009415
25th dundru (EUW) 1985070