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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st B1G Kr1t Castr0 (OCE) 3568673
2nd ImCreeping Death (NA) 3521846
3rd DüngDuXIIIeme (EUW) 3453011
4th 라오피 (KR) 3107851
5th xfioramaster18 (NA) 2977257
6th PerfectCadence (EUW) 2901123
7th PositivePower (NA) 2300027
8th 써니컴온 (KR) 2277389
9th Mutfak Terligi (TR) 2234721
10th 갓오라 (KR) 2227668
11th Helidemiphagus (LAN) 2192866
12th Neuromind (LAN) 2142902
13th Lord Tariq (NA) 2118826
14th Living For Duels (EUNE) 2114033
15th How To Fiora (EUNE) 2087167
16th Murica Wins (NA) 2039762
17th iFiora (EUW) 2018543
18th Flora is PAPA (EUW) 1919654
19th ColdBloodedWolf (NA) 1899976
20th dundru (EUW) 1896591
21st SKT NeerGwoLL (RU) 1872644
22nd FioraAfricana (BR) 1864498
23rd SwiftJudgment (NA) 1859957
24th 장글이 (KR) 1826319
25th RunsWithDolphins (NA) 1797404