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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st ImCreeping Death (NA) 4380282
2nd xfioramaster18 (NA) 4256913
3rd Blood Amethyst (OCE) 4007002
4th DüngDuXIIIeme (EUW) 3758027
5th 레이피엘 (KR) 3596325
6th 나 i3 (KR) 3435657
7th PerfectCadence (EUW) 3202166
8th 라오피 (KR) 3107851
9th JIE DU (EUW) 2844473
10th SvG ShiZo (NA) 2718356
11th PositivePower (NA) 2697940
12th TheShy Simulator (NA) 2631360
13th kenonk (KR) 2597479
14th Fio x Professor (TR) 2580661
15th Murica Wins (NA) 2550469
16th ColdBloodedWolf (NA) 2522030
17th Até meu pai (BR) 2470032
18th Great Tactician (EUNE) 2450482
19th Saaii (EUW) 2414475
20th Feedôra (EUNE) 2352404
21st 써니컴온 (KR) 2282607
22nd LuchYanII (EUW) 2273298
23rd Lord Tariq (NA) 2246139
24th 갓오라 (KR) 2227668
25th FioraAfricana (BR) 2221642