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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Артеллерист (RU) 3252725
2nd 미친 과학자 직스 (KR) 3064041
3rd foamycookies (NA) 2969625
4th bendzokosta (EUNE) 2783705
5th Alexi0001 (NA) 2367730
6th SKT t1 직스 (KR) 2237192
7th sangerete (EUW) 2192625
8th Adlaorne (NA) 2146378
9th Jesnic (NA) 2076312
10th LudiloLudila (EUNE) 1932631
11th BuyYourOwnBombs (EUW) 1912581
12th BDS Jens (EUW) 1824692
13th Kaos968 (NA) 1752892
14th MrAnimal1203 (EUNE) 1720119
15th AskeQQ (EUNE) 1680543
16th Alfa ZVER (EUNE) 1667033
17th flamingballs (NA) 1621894
18th Gоliaf (RU) 1609625
19th 직스교수직스교수 (KR) 1609497
20th Asayer (EUNE) 1561293
21st DDMonkeyLoL (EUW) 1541888
22nd Cutejhpanda (NA) 1541749
23rd SaruThePuma (NA) 1529378
24th ReyDePros (LAN) 1485049
25th Terrahawk (NA) 1467715