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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st K도기 (KR) 5245714
2nd StarGuardianLulu (EUNE) 4267445
3rd Kanreiher (LAS) 3917617
4th XGodBell (BR) 3393103
5th Jíkô (NA) 3149542
6th Gajoob (EUW) 3134102
7th KirImperial (JP) 2888582
8th 도진이 (KR) 2841476
9th awenjiaowoquming (NA) 2798263
10th Ardent Slave (NA) 2726660
11th ほしまじょるる (JP) 2725166
12th Pr3dator2064 (EUW) 2556751
13th moredorn (NA) 2536630
14th Jumajuma (NA) 2484045
15th Gohozo (EUW) 2434884
16th Engrandecer (BR) 2417677
17th faelight (NA) 2349413
18th Royalty Seven (EUW) 2343379
19th PetiteTater (NA) 2288744
20th lwannabetracer (EUNE) 2264996
21st Durrkan (BR) 2213537
22nd Kawaii Kitsune (NA) 2199881
23rd N U CK F A M I (RU) 2161569
24th Tragabirras (EUW) 2136082
25th Empréss (NA) 2110121