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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st K도기 (KR) 3658087
2nd Pr3dator2064 (EUW) 2556751
3rd 1Lulu (NA) 2499050
4th Gajoob (EUW) 2144917
5th Gohozo (EUW) 2064435
6th KanreiherCaravan (LAS) 2036819
7th Tragabirras (EUW) 2009130
8th Squirrel Queen (NA) 1943604
9th StarGuardianLulu (EUNE) 1898427
10th puckletruck (NA) 1889149
11th Kawaii Kitsune (NA) 1852627
12th Durrkan (BR) 1825496
13th moredorn (NA) 1775770
14th xYoshiko (EUNE) 1767034
15th 디올a (KR) 1764005
16th 강은서 (KR) 1757473
17th Empréss (NA) 1724676
18th EndIess sorrow (NA) 1707477
19th たこるる (JP) 1643318
20th Sbienk (EUW) 1608115
21st faelight (NA) 1565535
22nd Binkston (NA) 1472273
23rd Nine Mews (BR) 1465937
24th Cerentini (BR) 1465371
25th God Tier Lulu (EUW) 1456479