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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st K도기 (KR) 5303347
2nd StarGuardianLulu (EUNE) 4595209
3rd Kanreiher (LAS) 4160745
4th TMM Lulu (BR) 3654802
5th Gajoob (EUW) 3282109
6th HunFen LuLu (NA) 3190995
7th Jíkô (NA) 3149542
8th KirImperial (JP) 3047457
9th 도진이 (KR) 2867872
10th welches23 (KR) 2782473
11th Ardent Slave (NA) 2771982
12th ts1032 (JP) 2763016
13th moredorn (NA) 2667894
14th Pr3dator2064 (EUW) 2556751
15th Engrandecer (BR) 2555868
16th Gohozo (EUW) 2491842
17th Jumajuma (NA) 2484045
18th PetiteTater (NA) 2473347
19th Royalty Seven (EUW) 2396972
20th faelight (NA) 2361782
21st a for effort (EUNE) 2335805
22nd JIMMY CHOO (KR) 2293539
23rd Tragabirras (EUW) 2221827
24th Durrkan (BR) 2215243
25th Kawaii Kitsune (NA) 2199881