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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st K도기 (KR) 5320074
2nd StarGuardianLulu (EUNE) 5169906
3rd franco melon2 (LAS) 4380309
4th TMM Lulu (BR) 4052305
5th Ni niang he zai (NA) 3637606
6th Gajoob (EUW) 3502853
7th KirImperial (JP) 3211210
8th 국대 룰루 (KR) 3205746
9th Jíkô (NA) 3149542
10th 웰띠뚜애오뿌잉 (KR) 3104176
11th 토니토니죠빱 (KR) 3006250
12th Ardent Slave (NA) 2948774
13th ts1032 (JP) 2927735
14th PetiteTater (NA) 2777294
15th moredorn (NA) 2746448
16th Engrandecer (BR) 2668255
17th LoLGivesMeTyphus (EUW) 2663883
18th 원딜실력판독기 (KR) 2651089
19th Jumajuma (NA) 2636654
20th 킹멋찌 (KR) 2622691
21st Pr3dator2064 (EUW) 2556751
22nd Gohozo (EUW) 2511112
23rd Royalty Seven (EUW) 2468333
24th faelight (NA) 2463485
25th Durrkan (BR) 2448471