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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Woook3r (EUW) 4865754
2nd 픽 챗 핑 끔 (KR) 4793295
3rd Grigoriadis (EUNE) 3714463
4th Vadelma Meduusa (EUW) 3391993
5th Mindblast3r (NA) 3217270
6th bazilisek2 (EUNE) 3108079
7th anime traps (NA) 2972694
8th Positive Emotion (NA) 2954712
9th Furiat (EUNE) 2917100
10th Ðrävën (NA) 2784946
11th invazn604 (NA) 2734833
12th Doraven (KR) 2653071
13th Unreformed KITE (NA) 2651698
14th 홍철이도끼 (KR) 2593829
15th Drâvên (TR) 2570459
16th Fâblo Escobar (TR) 2533066
17th RipRiven2k19 (BR) 2509657
18th Tömmey (EUW) 2505699
19th Jpeg89 (EUW) 2492672
20th Drâvenâtion (TR) 2458552
21st Draven Airlines (EUW) 2355521
22nd MorningX (EUNE) 2339260
23rd Dravenage (BR) 2314139
24th Bonvivius (EUW) 2304990
25th 전설의마술사 (KR) 2291682