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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 픽 챗 핑 끔 (KR) 4793295
2nd Woook3r (EUW) 4776204
3rd Grigoriadis (EUNE) 3714463
4th Vadelma Meduusa (EUW) 3387739
5th Mindblast3r (NA) 3217270
6th bazilisek2 (EUNE) 3061053
7th Weed and Draven (NA) 2895119
8th Furiat (EUNE) 2852331
9th anime traps (NA) 2851384
10th Ðrävën (NA) 2674092
11th Unreformed KITE (NA) 2651698
12th Doraven (KR) 2649675
13th Drâvên (TR) 2570459
14th 홍철이도끼 (KR) 2546659
15th invazn604 (NA) 2515946
16th Drâvenâtion (TR) 2458552
17th Tömmey (EUW) 2453948
18th Jpeg89 (EUW) 2441030
19th Fâblo Escobar (TR) 2419162
20th Draven Airlines (EUW) 2355157
21st Benn Beckmann (TR) 2287613
22nd Dravenage (BR) 2277691
23rd MorningX (EUNE) 2265996
24th Tyler l (EUW) 2259062
25th Bonvivius (EUW) 2252871