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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Woook3r (EUW) 5691107
2nd wounds (KR) 4941780
3rd Grigoriadis (EUNE) 3720177
4th bazilisek2 (EUNE) 3712501
5th invazn604 (NA) 3695480
6th B a c k (BR) 3574565
7th Furiat (EUNE) 3514331
8th Vadelma Meduusa (EUW) 3451816
9th 본스켈레톤 (KR) 3419279
10th DontDontDontDont (NA) 3418570
11th Ðrävën (NA) 3399701
12th 차칸쓰레기 (KR) 3305411
13th Mindblast3r (NA) 3217270
14th Axe Catchem (EUW) 3093807
15th anime traps (NA) 3080214
16th SFSoul (KR) 3046678
17th wreckmedaddy (NA) 2995610
18th Mıyamoto Musashı (TR) 2980507
19th stand aside (KR) 2838160
20th 드레이븐0도끼맛0 (KR) 2832561
21st Doraven (KR) 2828879
22nd 꽃보다dildo (KR) 2793552
23rd Tömmey (EUW) 2766386
24th 드레이븐 봇 (KR) 2664371
25th Unreformed KITE (NA) 2651698