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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 국산소 (KR) 5880583
2nd Anubis The Otter (NA) 4842028
3rd Älicopter (EUNE) 3607892
4th HexiOwnz (EUNE) 3422102
5th 노랑용비 (KR) 3404928
6th Alicopter (NA) 3087657
7th 6cm de prazer (BR) 3053235
8th CBS CowBoyShow (EUNE) 2946962
9th Nagaevsky (EUW) 2848690
10th Tarallo Maligno (EUW) 2811334
11th 420 MahatmaGanja (OCE) 2782859
12th dolgon (EUW) 2660744
13th mikiFrajer (EUW) 2647377
14th LORD ALISTAR (NA) 2425255
15th Ræflexz (EUW) 2380807
16th gibson8686 (NA) 2374358
17th LordofCowTime (NA) 2352831
18th HC KreLL (EUW) 2327677
19th Шмалистар (RU) 2311647
20th Ben Mahmut (TR) 2290463
21st pigjosh7 (NA) 2285535
22nd swainer80 (NA) 2276134
23rd BeatsFreek (RU) 2275966
24th rocking (LAN) 2247776
25th Ed Elric (NA) 2219438