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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 국산소 (KR) 5591163
2nd Anubis The Otter (NA) 4072331
3rd HexiOwnz (EUNE) 3021951
4th Alicopter (NA) 2863873
5th Älicopter (EUNE) 2713661
6th dolgon (EUW) 2660744
7th FIES no seu SISU (BR) 2563607
8th 420 MahatmaGanja (OCE) 2451155
9th CowBoy Show (EUNE) 2424568
10th gibson8686 (NA) 2374358
11th LordofCowTime (NA) 2352831
12th LORD ALISTAR (NA) 2324774
13th Шмалистар (RU) 2311647
14th BeatsFreek (RU) 2275966
15th pigjosh7 (NA) 2268212
16th PLUG AN4LE (EUW) 2260705
17th Ben Mahmut (TR) 2249752
18th HC KreLL (EUW) 2130971
19th katsavidas AE (EUNE) 2119600
20th FTypeR (NA) 2093741
21st bdr (EUNE) 2092988
22nd mikiFrajer (EUNE) 2092763
23rd swainer80 (NA) 2081154
24th Ultimusss (EUW) 2077913
25th SatanslilHelper (NA) 2047637