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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st KelDaddy (NA) 2570720
2nd Cibuky (EUNE) 2273417
3rd Levent37 (TR) 1881794
4th 카사르 후드 (KR) 1850766
5th Myth of Hecarim (KR) 1831318
6th Kyo Mexico (LAN) 1809779
7th Pápádoc (BR) 1740411
8th Nuncaparo (EUW) 1699969
9th Bakitebra (EUNE) 1646395
10th 이로얌 (KR) 1617566
11th Position (EUW) 1617078
12th REDSLIDE1 (LAS) 1584185
13th 해결싸 (KR) 1569770
14th Hecarim God (NA) 1563938
15th in a bed (KR) 1561184
16th НЕЙТ (RU) 1499599
17th Onyx Misfire (NA) 1497178
18th Pony Hecarim (KR) 1479403
19th Zetren (EUW) 1452736
20th 애꿍이 (KR) 1443518
21st Wreckárim (NA) 1417212
22nd Sound Effect (EUNE) 1403565
23rd MBananes (NA) 1380655
24th Riding Hecarim (NA) 1372214
25th Speed Heca (EUW) 1360024