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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Henn3ssyXO (NA) 3795173
2nd 75년생 (KR) 3272520
3rd KelDaddy (NA) 2972482
4th 금강불괴지현탱 (KR) 2869090
5th Cibuky (EUNE) 2816509
6th DH Krez (EUW) 2775548
7th Riseman Sawyer (TR) 2654966
8th Nuncaparo (EUW) 2564033
9th Myth of Hecarim (KR) 2415272
10th MrKillSteal NL (EUW) 2375110
11th ManOnTheJungle (BR) 2278898
12th 다음시즌롤안함 (KR) 2212693
13th Teleport Hecarim (KR) 2138316
14th Sound Effect (EUNE) 2113205
15th Dallasmmbr (BR) 2070284
16th 이로얌 (KR) 2068757
17th Helcio (BR) 2052517
18th 카사르 후드 (KR) 2028436
19th Hecarim God (NA) 2000612
20th Doaenel (NA) 1983528
21st dinizterz (NA) 1930223
22nd 애꿍이 (KR) 1887236
23rd REDSLIDE1 (LAS) 1861485
24th ChalIenger (BR) 1858846
25th o Hye An o (KR) 1837859