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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Lesu (NA) 3709187
2nd FeN Scyther (EUNE) 3357200
3rd Kötü Böcek Zix (TR) 3109888
4th YuumiWasAMistake (NA) 3036027
5th 리치베인 에코 (KR) 2804609
6th True Damage (EUNE) 2751194
7th Rencow1 (LAS) 2707090
8th Waffle Jr (OCE) 2693289
9th 13031761del (KR) 2691699
10th DanteAugustoPala (BR) 2668386
11th ConspiracyOne (NA) 2615095
12th Vel KHAta (EUW) 2547269
13th Chainsaw Gutsfck (BR) 2523728
14th REQUiEM (EUW) 2498637
15th Freudenhaus (EUW) 2382344
16th DL Kharry Zix (TR) 2232207
17th KhaZix Bot (NA) 2183443
18th LT Fury (EUNE) 2166006
19th Kha Sara (EUW) 2152805
20th no life KHAZIX (EUW) 2097649
21st Zazul (NA) 2089410
22nd All Smiles (NA) 2078706
23rd Litemeup (NA) 2014636
24th The1stKhaZixEune (EUNE) 2006558
25th 민 카 (KR) 1972606