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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Lesu (NA) 3709187
2nd Scγther (EUNE) 3594180
3rd Kötü Böcek Zix (TR) 3293420
4th Beelzebug (NA) 3141355
5th Vel KHAta (EUW) 2956673
6th SmashLegends (BR) 2938549
7th Zorah Magdaros (LAS) 2882892
8th 리치베인 에코 (KR) 2808854
9th Waffle Jr (OCE) 2794040
10th True Damage (EUNE) 2770832
11th 13031761del (KR) 2691699
12th escuta Aborted (BR) 2669552
13th Freudenhaus (EUW) 2668493
14th ConspiracyOne (NA) 2663615
15th Requiem (EUW) 2559739
16th KhaZix Bot (NA) 2434558
17th LT Fury (EUNE) 2352786
18th DL Kharry Zix (TR) 2329157
19th no life KHAZIX (EUW) 2310914
20th Kha Sara (EUW) 2278037
21st Zazul (NA) 2264294
22nd All Smiles (NA) 2232099
23rd 민 카 (KR) 2217794
24th Tecciztecatl (NA) 2133746
25th Largueza (BR) 2118568