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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Mingo (KR) 4683657
2nd Natis345 (EUW) 4008703
3rd darkstar692 (EUNE) 3715212
4th Noxian Might (EUW) 3412266
5th YUUKI VK (NA) 3360292
6th l Kyøgre l (NA) 3237218
7th dogashow (BR) 3140620
8th Cute Luma (BR) 3005144
9th TORBACI Darius (TR) 3004270
10th Sir Obliterator (EUW) 2984912
11th HAND OF N0XUS (BR) 2904848
12th Metroidzeta (EUW) 2892553
13th Best Darius (TR) 2850702
14th 다리 어른 (KR) 2799276
15th bobreak (EUW) 2744053
16th Carry C fan (KR) 2723638
17th King Darius Only (NA) 2714597
18th ach1kooo (EUNE) 2668205
19th UWillCry (OCE) 2648334
20th Smaç Basan Kasap (TR) 2596304
21st 0LegenDarius0 (EUW) 2593035
22nd perez10 (LAN) 2509965
23rd Sylvester Allone (NA) 2491058
24th Dystrex (NA) 2474398
25th dreadvisage (EUW) 2466233