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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Mingo (KR) 4683657
2nd Natis345 (EUW) 4436228
3rd darkstar692 (EUNE) 4118333
4th Noxian Might (EUW) 3767988
5th dogashow (BR) 3649853
6th YUUKI VK (NA) 3644095
7th Metroidzeta (EUW) 3494372
8th High Noon Darius (BR) 3469335
9th Sir Obliterator (EUW) 3422580
10th cj Dârîus (TR) 3386402
11th 다리 어른 (KR) 3364940
12th HAND OF N0XUS (BR) 3291647
13th l Kyøgre l (NA) 3237218
14th sicharımboleise (TR) 3112146
15th Twitch 개동영 (KR) 3010561
16th Dystrex (NA) 3000111
17th Umβrα (EUW) 2991153
18th King Darius Only (NA) 2972968
19th The Wild Dunker (EUNE) 2952304
20th 갱안오면던짐4 (KR) 2854749
21st bobreak (EUW) 2854658
22nd 신봉선sbs (KR) 2774879
23rd UWillCry (OCE) 2750702
24th ぼくさつ2号 (JP) 2714905
25th Smaç Basan Kasap (TR) 2704313