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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Mingo (KR) 4683657
2nd Natis345 (EUW) 4549290
3rd darkstar692 (EUNE) 4260706
4th Noxian Might (EUW) 3857021
5th YUUKI VK (NA) 3810449
6th dogashow (BR) 3782246
7th Metroidzeta (EUW) 3762613
8th 다리 어른 (KR) 3639591
9th Carlinhös (BR) 3608863
10th Sir Obliterator (EUW) 3605856
11th cj Dârîus (TR) 3464476
12th HAND OF N0XUS (BR) 3438996
13th l Kyøgre l (NA) 3237218
14th Suck My Darius (TR) 3208622
15th Umβrα (EUW) 3202331
16th 도와줘 도라에멍 (KR) 3144020
17th The Wild Dunker (EUNE) 3102785
18th Dystrex (NA) 3085222
19th c3rb3re (EUW) 3054821
20th 야이상것들 (KR) 3025189
21st King Darius Only (NA) 2974229
22nd 갱안오면던짐4 (KR) 2948558
23rd bobreak (EUW) 2942089
24th 신봉선sbs (KR) 2930009
25th 저바텀꼬라지봐라 (KR) 2832660