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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 봇 제이스 (KR) 4591840
2nd Upgrade II (KR) 3737546
3rd TCHAIVKVOSKY (EUW) 3492148
4th 귀하게자란놈 (KR) 3288866
5th Tutoraptor (LAS) 3177464
6th MichaelScofied (NA) 3031241
7th H O L D E M (EUW) 3001568
8th Holdem Hammers (RU) 2893521
9th fiapmx (LAN) 2640221
10th Kijer (EUW) 2508664
11th Kúroro (LAS) 2460790
12th maldito1r8 (LAN) 2188371
13th Raynor (EUW) 1818405
14th kijer (EUNE) 1800044
15th moosy (NA) 1797677
16th PuruPuruPikoPuyo (NA) 1765614
17th ZuriaC94 (LAN) 1723316
18th HersheyB (NA) 1714015
19th Become Water (NA) 1695123
20th Razky (LAS) 1673060
21st WaveiDash (NA) 1642448
22nd xiaomaAAAAAA (NA) 1635415
23rd M A V R I (EUW) 1596644
24th Ketheron (EUNE) 1595127
25th jayce streamer (NA) 1592910