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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st TCHAIVKVOSKY (EUW) 3491207
2nd 제이스장인김망치 (KR) 3375112
3rd MichaelScofied (NA) 2788199
4th Tutoraptor (LAS) 2686161
5th fiapmx (LAN) 2640221
6th 귀하게자란놈 (KR) 2611130
7th Holdem Hammers (EUW) 2450077
8th Kijerek (EUW) 2185752
9th maldito1r8 (LAN) 2117837
10th Yiren (LAS) 2089633
11th Raynor (EUW) 1817062
12th kijer (EUNE) 1800044
13th WaveiDash (NA) 1642448
14th PuruPuruPikoPuyo (NA) 1629218
15th ZuriaC94 (LAN) 1605314
16th Become Water (NA) 1569982
17th Razky (LAS) 1559040
18th Jayce Syndicate (NA) 1558583
19th HersheyB (NA) 1556614
20th 3GIN (EUW) 1550805
21st Run4YaLyfe (NA) 1537154
22nd M A V R I (EUW) 1531905
23rd moosy (NA) 1517763
24th Ketheron (EUNE) 1456833
25th PhillyFan (NA) 1427761