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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st TCHAIVKVOSKY (EUW) 3130475
2nd Longzhu 카안 (KR) 2745444
3rd fiapmx (LAN) 2144503
4th MichaelScofied (NA) 2131036
5th maldito1r8 (LAN) 2068260
6th Tutorap7or (LAS) 1940980
7th kijer (EUNE) 1800044
8th Raynor (EUW) 1631158
9th Jayce Syndicate (NA) 1558583
10th 3GIN (EUW) 1550805
11th WaveiDash (NA) 1489498
12th Run4YaLyfe (NA) 1466082
13th PuruPuruPikoPuyo (NA) 1414457
14th The Playmaker (NA) 1397888
15th Ketheron (EUNE) 1353584
16th Become Water (NA) 1314189
17th moosy (NA) 1305335
18th HersheyB (NA) 1298969
19th M A V R I (EUW) 1209473
20th PawN KT Rolster (LAS) 1127962
21st honeydew milktea (OCE) 1113649
22nd Erk (NA) 1100541
23rd Shaco Plantain (EUW) 1087382
24th CptGreyBeard (EUW) 1079007
25th PKB Dovah (EUW) 1062344