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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Composed (OCE) 3281203
2nd 재석님미드가신다 (KR) 2598346
3rd tgzwt (RU) 2467622
4th Baron Von Luffy (EUNE) 2368662
5th Skin burn (EUW) 2284208
6th Likije (JP) 2279093
7th SKT Amaterasu (EUW) 2241402
8th Iissandra (KR) 2230176
9th Boodrum (NA) 2198387
10th OMG Frost (RU) 2028717
11th Røse (TR) 1999881
12th Elsa of Garendel (NA) 1861701
13th blind4d00 (BR) 1779997
14th LORD DAHAK (NA) 1771311
15th Alma Saila (RU) 1730260
16th Hitsugen (NA) 1662270
17th MipaTheNoob (EUNE) 1653894
18th FlamingRice1 (NA) 1616884
19th WeiRenMinFuWu (NA) 1590386
20th NEZZBIE (NA) 1576226
21st Socheo (EUNE) 1570224
22nd DEN EXEI NOHMA (EUW) 1535090
23rd sha0khan (EUW) 1356674
24th McAwesome125 (EUW) 1333454
25th Freljord Iceborn (NA) 1253367