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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Composed (OCE) 3526775
2nd RA0N (KR) 2730627
3rd SKT Amaterasu (EUW) 2661348
4th king godfate (EUW) 2499033
5th tgzwt (RU) 2467622
6th LoufakosUsedFly (EUNE) 2407269
7th Boodrum (NA) 2342670
8th Iissandra (KR) 2334949
9th Likije (JP) 2294460
10th Bruxa Gelida RX (BR) 2268944
11th The Ićę Witch (NA) 2083387
12th Røse (TR) 2056866
13th OMG Frost (RU) 2043477
14th Alma Saila (RU) 1977186
15th Elsa of Garendel (NA) 1969129
16th Liss of Guyana (NA) 1864000
17th blind4d00 (BR) 1783778
18th FlamingRice1 (NA) 1747999
19th Socheo (EUNE) 1747364
20th Hitsugen (NA) 1702152
21st MipaTheNoob (EUNE) 1676453
22nd LPG (KR) 1610801
23rd WeiRenMinFuWu (NA) 1590386
24th NEZZBIE (NA) 1576226
25th DEN EXEI NOHMA (EUW) 1560300