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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Composed (OCE) 3129409
2nd tgzwt (RU) 2467622
3rd 너무 이기고싶다 (KR) 2268787
4th Aikisi (JP) 2185430
5th Little Frosty (EUNE) 2166543
6th Iissandra (KR) 2067119
7th SKT Amaterasu (EUW) 2046095
8th Boodrum (NA) 2039604
9th OMG Frost (RU) 1903488
10th godfate55 (EUW) 1902967
11th KRDŞM MD SLR MSN (TR) 1869895
12th blind4d00 (BR) 1773971
13th Elsa of Garendel (NA) 1751529
14th Hitsugen (NA) 1621714
15th WeiRenMinFuWu (NA) 1590386
16th NEZZBIE (NA) 1575355
17th MipaTheNoob (EUNE) 1569518
18th Alma Saila (RU) 1519524
19th DARK SUMMONER (NA) 1514315
20th DEN EXEI NOHMA (EUW) 1484108
21st FlamingRice1 (NA) 1481107
22nd Socheo (EUNE) 1406634
23rd sha0khan (EUW) 1348432
24th McAwesome125 (EUW) 1279245
25th Freljord Iceborn (NA) 1253367