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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 스텝깡 (KR) 5167386
2nd Zero Ego (OCE) 4024069
3rd icequeen (KR) 3468992
4th 동렝밍팡송 (KR) 3314344
5th witchTVgodfate55 (EUW) 3012967
6th Iissandra (KR) 2832486
7th SKT Amaterasu (EUW) 2788611
8th The Ićę Witch (NA) 2761337
9th Bruxa Gelida RX (BR) 2589953
10th Little Frosty (EUNE) 2553238
11th Boodrum (NA) 2539160
12th tgzwt (RU) 2467622
13th dsakiiaj (JP) 2310030
14th Elsa of Garendel (NA) 2304824
15th Alma Saila (RU) 2253128
16th OMG Frost (RU) 2143656
17th Cute Queen Lyla (TR) 2106172
18th Socheo (EUNE) 2037601
19th BUSHYASTA BUER (NA) 1877918
20th 왕대현 (KR) 1871099
21st FlamingRice1 (NA) 1839288
22nd MipaTheNoob (EUNE) 1836407
23rd LPG (KR) 1815574
24th NoPainNoGa1n (BR) 1792212
25th Hitsugen (NA) 1740976