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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Syte (NA) 3351526
2nd Laetitian (EUW) 3247982
3rd 148185296389 (EUW) 3119444
4th NickStrife22 (EUW) 2932143
5th Darqstrom (EUW) 2884850
6th yuleo (BR) 2828527
7th 룬마법사라이즈 (KR) 2741129
8th Virtual Prophet (NA) 2279708
9th Y대빡빡이 (KR) 2259445
10th KorlaxSnorlax (NA) 2257579
11th Fury68 (EUNE) 2234308
12th Ryze Gatekeeper (EUW) 2208427
13th Lapin tueur (EUW) 2166447
14th Mr Bojangles (EUW) 2125907
15th vinssouko (EUW) 2111919
16th DrKorn (EUNE) 2067334
17th LordR4in (EUW) 2031214
18th qmk (TR) 1987811
19th ll SKY BLACK ll (BR) 1980363
20th DeathSentence4u (EUW) 1967639
21st Little Help (EUNE) 1871961
22nd Dark Knight Ryze (NA) 1822406
23rd 0xffffff (RU) 1820576
24th Lord Darq (EUW) 1816128
25th DisBKris (NA) 1763425