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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Darqstrom (EUW) 2411694
2nd yuleo (BR) 2094522
3rd DrKorn (EUNE) 1795279
4th TerribleRyzeMain (EUNE) 1793324
5th Ryzze (EUNE) 1782175
6th Virtual Prophet (NA) 1765025
7th boda adbo (EUW) 1681208
8th 내가현승이 (KR) 1646993
9th Syte (NA) 1641851
10th Dark Knight Ryze (NA) 1633630
11th Occelot (LAS) 1489461
12th Laetitian (EUW) 1472242
13th Tregov (EUNE) 1394972
14th SUPPRYZE BROO (EUW) 1359600
15th qmk (TR) 1259484
16th Lova (BR) 1258815
17th weeb Ryze (NA) 1251957
18th Ryze Main (NA) 1219091
19th Cleexy (EUW) 1132498
20th NightWalrus (OCE) 1128727
21st LordR4in (EUW) 1078851
22nd lemon handsome (NA) 1041087
23rd Zaraxxx5 (EUW) 1032601
24th EL RYZE CONGROO (EUW) 1030011
25th basketcase91 (EUNE) 1009466