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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st JoeSchmoey (NA) 4481665
2nd EntropyHelix (NA) 4107006
3rd BoneRak (NA) 3863174
4th Roronoa Diana (BR) 3531973
5th esilru (KR) 3091058
6th 이게 사누 (KR) 3041816
7th Wild Diana (OCE) 3019663
8th jc8 (NA) 2952400
9th Diana Is Love (EUNE) 2935663
10th 쇼 덴 (KR) 2902941
11th Lunariana (EUW) 2887866
12th ad diff is huge (TR) 2879843
13th DieCasper (NA) 2827814
14th Moonlight ˇ (EUNE) 2794303
15th Yassat (EUW) 2738081
16th Lv400 찍고접음 (KR) 2728386
17th WongAsian (NA) 2712686
18th SPACE CWBY (NA) 2698628
19th Moon Mom (NA) 2653047
20th bbc pump n dump (NA) 2606014
21st FreakMagnet (NA) 2526404
22nd Fofura (BR) 2524709
23rd 룡사냥꾼다이애나 (KR) 2506496
24th Permaban00140797 (LAN) 2479889
25th faką (EUW) 2465153