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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st JoeSchmoey (NA) 3774908
2nd BoneRak (NA) 3567521
3rd EntropyHelix (NA) 3463189
4th jK8 (NA) 2833270
5th SPACE CWBY (NA) 2518747
6th Permaban00140797 (LAN) 2479889
7th Sfenkss (TR) 2471174
8th Diana Pornstar (BR) 2467173
9th Hufkys wife (EUNE) 2460807
10th Moon Mom (NA) 2419206
11th meatwagon (NA) 2417946
12th Lunariana (EUW) 2405422
13th Yassat (EUW) 2377033
14th khriss79 (EUNE) 2339244
15th 다 기 (KR) 2303255
16th No1 Diana (OCE) 2273576
17th ffaka (EUW) 2272506
18th Vectra (BR) 2231890
19th ssilerr (EUNE) 2229329
20th LA TIA DEMENTE (LAS) 2216163
21st Cixir (EUNE) 2200262
22nd FreakMagnet (NA) 2115737
23rd 류다이애나 (KR) 2101340
24th 원투쓰리 (KR) 2098695
25th WongAsian (NA) 2082260