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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st JoeSchmoey (NA) 3847233
2nd BoneRak (NA) 3790356
3rd EntropyHelix (NA) 3576079
4th jK8 (NA) 2833270
5th Hufkys wife (EUNE) 2633961
6th SPACE CWBY (NA) 2621419
7th Diana Pornstar (BR) 2556377
8th Sfenkss (TR) 2549529
9th Lunariana (EUW) 2513445
10th Permaban00140797 (LAN) 2479889
11th Moon Mom (NA) 2473387
12th meatwagon (NA) 2436308
13th faką (EUW) 2418117
14th 공야이 (KR) 2417005
15th No1 Diana (OCE) 2416090
16th Yassat (EUW) 2395436
17th khriss79 (EUNE) 2339244
18th TRAP N eSPORTS (LAS) 2270836
19th WongAsian (NA) 2245429
20th Vectra (BR) 2231890
21st ssilerr (EUNE) 2229329
22nd Cixir (EUNE) 2228711
23rd FreakMagnet (NA) 2146636
24th Fofura (BR) 2128683
25th 류다이애나 (KR) 2123555