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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Pe77azgsEmpire (EUNE) 4604637
2nd PWNER CRASH (LAN) 4548171
3rd Sundays27 (EUW) 4407168
4th Wíndfury (EUW) 4357268
5th Suzakujin (NA) 4020841
6th 밤영웅 (KR) 3534060
7th Quinn Airlines (EUNE) 3406929
8th fear of Quinn (EUW) 3306823
9th Lord Banán (EUNE) 3277275
10th Bronze4Ever (NA) 3226135
11th Masta GG (EUW) 3133614
12th JohnSy84 (EUW) 3122301
13th Valor Express (EUW) 3108491
14th 34280792del (KR) 3077269
15th Sangoku (EUW) 3054134
16th WRONG LEVERRRRR (NA) 3020124
17th Captain Quinn (EUW) 2996845
18th pugsters3 (NA) 2980606
19th rinoboss (EUW) 2825012
20th Paradimox (EUW) 2774655
21st Dream Cementery (LAS) 2774631
22nd Erïx (NA) 2671537
23rd AatroX GoddesS (EUNE) 2637279
24th EaRTHEmPIRE (NA) 2622799
25th Solis lmperator (BR) 2617177