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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Hugh Akston (NA) 4902094
2nd Syndera (EUW) 2858163
3rd 내안에 무한한 힘 (KR) 2827658
4th aja113 (EUW) 2576622
5th Halter Penguen (TR) 2539479
6th Lawfull (LAS) 2483334
7th PurpurowyHiacynt (EUNE) 2341291
8th 김시연 (KR) 2153457
9th Shírasu (EUW) 2118249
10th 내안에 무한한 힘 (KR) 2114956
11th Razorex (EUW) 1879778
12th Damian Rozsadny (EUNE) 1876378
13th Sepeku AW (NA) 1762059
14th Cërsëi Lännistër (LAS) 1719152
15th Guspfc (BR) 1694636
16th Edi Vi Britannia (EUW) 1678425
17th Afroneguitinho (BR) 1672399
18th Synd (NA) 1670631
19th Žexies (NA) 1604711
20th Mikasa AOT (OCE) 1600821
21st Mystic Syndra (BR) 1588488
22nd Syndremort (EUW) 1518459
23rd XADDY (NA) 1512286
24th Elise x Syndra (NA) 1492587
25th nononthesnake (EUW) 1436972