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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Hugh Akston (NA) 3331771
2nd 내안에 무한한 위 (KR) 1796331
3rd Syndera (EUW) 1700806
4th Skýsax (EUW) 1583976
5th Mystic Syndra (BR) 1395849
6th Elise x Syndra (NA) 1354890
7th aja113 (EUW) 1316334
8th LeLapinNoir (NA) 1297773
9th Pjezus (EUW) 1247569
10th Soulor (NA) 1246256
11th Íssa nerfed GOD (NA) 1217264
12th Only practice (EUW) 1204147
13th GoDDesS Of BALLS (LAS) 1202978
14th Syndremort (EUW) 1190130
15th nononthesnake (EUW) 1152817
16th Guspfc (BR) 1132764
17th Overlord Forte (NA) 1132501
18th Goliface (EUW) 1094225
19th Eraggorn (EUNE) 1089149
20th PurpurowyHiacynt (EUNE) 1086672
21st Senior Syndra (TR) 1078647
22nd Syndraella (NA) 1024213
23rd uncarriablé (EUW) 1018366
24th Synd (NA) 1006978
25th Lord Syndrius (EUNE) 972387