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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Hugh Akston (NA) 4054793
2nd Syndera (EUW) 2487968
3rd Senior Syndra (TR) 2078427
4th Sekízan (EUW) 1960792
5th aja113 (EUW) 1959182
6th 내안에 무한한 위 (KR) 1894949
7th PurpurowyHiacynt (EUNE) 1783004
8th Mystic Syndra (BR) 1528603
9th Synd (NA) 1513484
10th Afroneguitinho (BR) 1491290
11th Edi Vi Britannia (EUW) 1456372
12th Damian Rozsadny (EUNE) 1433879
13th Elise x Syndra (NA) 1431913
14th nononthesnake (EUW) 1416601
15th Cërsëi Lännistër (LAS) 1412502
16th Guspfc (BR) 1386716
17th SŸNDRÂ (NA) 1354136
18th Syndremort (EUW) 1343254
19th Pjezus (EUW) 1330401
20th LeLapinNoir (NA) 1313579
21st Only practice (EUW) 1302455
22nd WHOS YOUR XADDY (NA) 1285836
23rd Eraggorn (EUNE) 1273355
24th Soulor (NA) 1249993
25th Goliface (EUW) 1195244