Aurelion Sol

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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Baztangod (EUW) 2310699
2nd MjolnirUnleashed (NA) 2306567
3rd Jimbo Raynor (NA) 2002059
4th 장인아우렐리온솔 (KR) 1842430
5th Olkaida (BR) 1834312
6th ASalty (EUW) 1800652
7th ASalty (RU) 1800264
8th Criskus (NA) 1609787
9th whosthislegend (KR) 1607284
10th Solely Aurelion (NA) 1595269
11th Aurelion Salt (EUNE) 1551683
12th Ainsley Putnip (EUW) 1507879
13th Salgnorin (EUNE) 1501723
14th Star Førger (NA) 1490693
15th DeadSol goes TR (TR) 1473638
16th BetterCalłSol (NA) 1463871
17th TCLB plan ahea (NA) 1408309
18th GODSOL (EUW) 1389812
19th Lord Aurelion (EUW) 1382209
20th TheOnlyASol (EUNE) 1381513
21st MikyoM (EUW) 1348381
22nd LM 94 (EUW) 1338183
23rd RayArc (BR) 1296231
24th 미드가는 용용이 (KR) 1270423
25th abusad (BR) 1242940