Aurelion Sol

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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Baztangod (EUW) 2578648
2nd MjölnirUnleashed (NA) 2525090
3rd Jimbo Raynor (NA) 2229389
4th Olkaida (BR) 2057667
5th 장인아우렐리온솔 (KR) 1864322
6th ASalty (EUW) 1817837
7th ASalty (RU) 1800264
8th Solely Aurelion (NA) 1718861
9th Ainsley Putnip (EUW) 1717151
10th Salgnorin (EUNE) 1702855
11th Criskus (NA) 1621161
12th whosthislegend (KR) 1607284
13th GODSOL (EUW) 1589994
14th MikyoM (EUW) 1577554
15th Aurelion Salt (EUNE) 1551683
16th Star Førger (NA) 1518391
17th TheOnlyASol (EUNE) 1494792
18th Lord Aurelion (EUW) 1489773
19th BetterCalłSol (NA) 1476951
20th DeadSol goes TR (TR) 1473638
21st always think ahe (NA) 1472935
22nd RayArc (BR) 1466602
23rd Toxic Asol (NA) 1374026
24th Gui777gu (BR) 1359219
25th LM 94 (EUW) 1343618