Aurelion Sol

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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Baztangod (EUW) 3261875
2nd MjölnirUnleashed (NA) 3168451
3rd Jimbo Raynor (NA) 2789638
4th Olkaida (BR) 2623007
5th MikyoM (EUW) 2183208
6th Lord Aurelion (EUW) 2175124
7th Salgnorin (EUNE) 2128473
8th Ainsley Putnip (EUW) 2120489
9th GODSOL (EUW) 2089174
10th 장인아우렐리온솔 (KR) 1992622
11th Blätterklingen (EUW) 1954654
12th Zamaterasu (NA) 1952495
13th RayArc (BR) 1938293
14th Solely Aurelion (NA) 1930260
15th Jaques (NA) 1880779
16th ASalty (EUW) 1839805
17th ASalty (RU) 1800264
18th Gui777gu (BR) 1777903
19th DrHoffmann69 (EUW) 1757538
20th TheOnlyASol (EUNE) 1717281
21st Juzix2 (NA) 1656310
22nd DN Łight (EUW) 1636891
23rd whosthislegend (KR) 1607284
24th Star Førger (NA) 1595097
25th BetterCalłSol (NA) 1590084