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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st OneTriick (LAS) 4010409
2nd TripledíckLAGANN (NA) 3536956
3rd 아가리혜지 (KR) 3283581
4th 이 호 (KR) 3148010
5th soundbwoykilla (NA) 2819891
6th carloschart (LAN) 2755178
7th blackhankjona (EUW) 2742406
8th Allah akbaaaAAAR (NA) 2684090
9th King Slayer Sion (NA) 2625473
10th CanisAureuX (EUW) 2589382
11th loopdead (RU) 2587110
12th Doctor Siontist (NA) 2566431
13th HUSKSUPPE (EUW) 2564294
14th Just Monìka (EUW) 2430018
15th Panipples (NA) 2420676
16th Platrick (NA) 2410294
17th best sion (EUNE) 2394806
18th Dirty Devil Rock (EUW) 2357939
19th 진에어 조현영 (KR) 2318727
20th hugolopexx (EUW) 2284830
21st xGregor Clegane (LAS) 2245920
22nd Schmanthony (NA) 2218431
23rd FirstTime Sion (EUW) 2163641
24th Sion sama (NA) 2142278
25th Shmajo (EUNE) 2090275