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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st OneTriick (LAS) 4103596
2nd TripledíckLAGANN (NA) 3679893
3rd 이 호 (KR) 3415262
4th blackhankjona (EUW) 3385860
5th 돈까스빠삭 (KR) 3348298
6th King Slayer Sion (NA) 3333239
7th soundbwoykilla (NA) 3243498
8th carloschart (LAN) 3182491
9th Fisting is Extra (NA) 3074300
10th hugolopexx (EUW) 2933557
11th HUSKSUPPE (EUW) 2907755
12th Doctor Siontist (NA) 2812877
13th First Time Sion (EUW) 2762659
14th ONE PUNCH SION (JP) 2760365
15th 오랄지존 (KR) 2758305
16th loopdead (RU) 2691456
17th best sion (EUNE) 2687372
18th BoringSam (EUW) 2672416
19th Jin Air 조현영 (KR) 2629978
20th güts (EUW) 2627428
21st DARTH SlON (NA) 2610590
22nd Teregen (NA) 2609690
23rd Panipples (NA) 2586265
24th 완전초보1 (KR) 2573301
25th Schmanthony (NA) 2567233