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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st OneTriick (LAS) 3914893
2nd TripledíckLAGANN (NA) 3525020
3rd 신위에건물쥬 (KR) 3177682
4th 이 호 (KR) 3129697
5th soundbwoykilla (NA) 2785599
6th Shao Kahn (NA) 2661377
7th carloschart (LAN) 2644205
8th CanisAureuX (EUW) 2544941
9th loopdead (RU) 2539503
10th King Slayer Sion (NA) 2507934
11th blackhankjona (EUW) 2501812
12th Doctor Siontist (NA) 2464946
13th HUSKSUPPE (EUW) 2408058
14th Panipples (NA) 2372762
15th SionTheStarFish (EUW) 2356657
16th Platrick (NA) 2345737
17th 진에어 조현영 (KR) 2261026
18th Dirty Devil Rock (EUW) 2242116
19th best sion (EUNE) 2226932
20th xGregor Clegane (LAS) 2182181
21st hugolopexx (EUW) 2123378
22nd Schmanthony (NA) 2119658
23rd MechaHerald Sion (EUW) 2093074
24th 사나이온 (KR) 2062143
25th Shmajo (EUNE) 2052181