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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 케인 장인 민돌이 (KR) 1749558
2nd I was like (NA) 1251130
3rd Tenebres (RU) 1163868
4th 커 피 (KR) 1142587
5th QDaniel05 (NA) 1070352
6th Aykiltour (EUW) 1069163
7th Perfect Kayn (KR) 1000981
8th Shiéda Kayn (EUNE) 975603
9th RD PalliPanda (EUW) 962107
10th NatJosK (NA) 959192
11th Rhaast in peace (EUW) 921142
12th R5G DaddyRdy (EUNE) 915234
13th Yostyen (EUW) 906861
14th Meta4our (EUNE) 889355
15th Audâcity (EUNE) 873553
16th AchedElRempaIago (EUW) 849627
17th Lobotomy Patient (EUW) 849234
18th Hasmackin (NA) 841983
19th Hasinai (EUW) 840994
20th Th3LostShadow (EUNE) 840531
21st Fourth Shot IV (EUW) 830322
22nd yasuo in jungle (EUW) 828212
23rd Cguizar23 (NA) 818757
24th Vyniadus (NA) 818703
25th Jhincent vanGogh (NA) 796171