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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 킹계란 (KR) 2109096
2nd Grafictor (EUW) 1646202
3rd Tenebres (RU) 1522957
4th IkaineI (KR) 1510177
5th caíozera (BR) 1426927
6th I was like (NA) 1411060
7th 우털s (KR) 1359587
8th 커 피 (KR) 1359443
9th HeavenEvil (TR) 1355789
10th Kayn God (TR) 1296844
11th Limp Biscuit (NA) 1255826
12th Yostyen (EUW) 1252648
13th Aammk (NA) 1242400
14th NatJosK (NA) 1238274
15th Rhaast in peace (EUW) 1238233
16th Soulhunter Kayn (KR) 1227430
17th Vyniadus (NA) 1204323
18th ZARD사카이이즈미 (KR) 1201034
19th Lobotomy Patient (EUW) 1196911
20th Scapee (EUNE) 1190093
21st WHY ALWAYS 2V8 (EUW) 1180371
22nd All Hail Kayn (NA) 1173089
23rd Tenebres (RU) 1163868
24th Aykiltour (EUW) 1142232
25th Th3LostShadow (EUNE) 1139153