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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Tenebres (RU) 1134826
2nd I was like (NA) 1056104
3rd 커 피 (KR) 1039555
4th Shiéda Kayn (EUNE) 975603
5th RD PalliPanda (EUW) 940227
6th Aykiltour (EUW) 912692
7th QDaniel05 (NA) 911894
8th Perfect Kayn (KR) 908491
9th Yostyen (EUW) 835816
10th NatJosK (NA) 780478
11th Bby sit all (EUNE) 776784
12th Rhaast in peace (EUW) 766250
13th Hasinai (EUW) 761741
14th Ziven (NA) 735673
15th Fourth Shot IV (EUW) 734043
16th Retyples4 (BR) 721861
17th Kayin (EUW) 702241
18th KKKãyn (NA) 697079
19th Fugmar (EUNE) 695903
20th Th3LostShadow (EUNE) 694553
21st R5G Kayn Addict (EUNE) 687098
22nd Jugador (OCE) 667266
23rd Leon Pustiowsky (EUW) 646810
24th Cguizar23 (NA) 639019
25th GetRicoSuave (NA) 626568