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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 커 피 (KR) 1001290
2nd Shiéda Kayn (EUNE) 975603
3rd RD PalliPanda (EUW) 937547
4th Tenebres (RU) 909561
5th Perfect Kayn (KR) 907414
6th QDaniel05 (NA) 857961
7th I was like (NA) 816604
8th Aykiltour (EUW) 803663
9th Bby sit all (EUNE) 743335
10th Ziven (NA) 735673
11th Hasinai (EUW) 725829
12th Retyples4 (BR) 721861
13th Kayin (EUW) 702241
14th KKKãyn (NA) 643776
15th Yostyen (EUW) 634737
16th Debiruman Rhaast (EUNE) 633262
17th a very hard time (EUW) 632437
18th Th3LostShadow (EUNE) 622664
19th Jugador (OCE) 603926
20th Notice me Zedpai (LAS) 596290
21st Teddy1492 (NA) 591444
22nd GetRicoSuave (NA) 589332
23rd 목설화 (KR) 584057
24th Half Koa (NA) 577608
25th Yeezorkaidn (EUW) 570264