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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Nors (OCE) 1734559
2nd Lagada (BR) 1513158
3rd Kazumi Saki (LAS) 1352448
4th I Zoe I (RU) 1227161
5th Crush On Zoe (RU) 1191249
6th iZoee (BR) 1161939
7th Zoyke (LAS) 1141912
8th Ray Liotta (TR) 1135968
9th KO Think (TR) 1034765
10th Reiina (NA) 1023437
11th Xozzi (RU) 1020084
12th Makoto Niijima (EUW) 1013020
13th Vicksy (EUW) 1000257
14th Abodow64 (EUW) 993557
15th Yuukily (NA) 985024
16th LoneBulbasaur (NA) 980752
17th Komer228 (RU) 968658
18th Vile Taint (NA) 965503
19th Zakura (EUW) 957773
20th Malix Farwin (NA) 939094
21st Mr Deer (NA) 931360
22nd TribeBandit (NA) 928651
23rd Lee Lee (NA) 909907
24th RuivaTop (BR) 900053
25th ˇ0ˇ (NA) 898977