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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Sr Zoe (BR) 2158588
2nd GlDLE Minnie (OCE) 2127729
3rd Lagada (BR) 2068098
4th Zoyfu (LAS) 1949860
5th ZøeScript (NA) 1945852
6th Reiina (NA) 1945448
7th 수면킹 (KR) 1926814
8th Makoto Niijima (EUW) 1880510
9th Kuyt019 (BR) 1662396
10th LoneBulbasaur (NA) 1559372
11th ZoeFYo (EUNE) 1536202
12th Komеr (RU) 1520050
13th Náomi (BR) 1506868
14th Снобыч (RU) 1506564
15th Howard Stern (NA) 1503958
16th Zoyke (LAS) 1492935
17th Ghost of Happppy (RU) 1472406
18th 스펠 카이팅 (KR) 1445071
19th Zahri (BR) 1436165
20th Vicksy (EUW) 1425647
21st Lee Lee (NA) 1402314
22nd Xozzi (RU) 1397460
23rd 펀펀 조이 (KR) 1390268
24th Candalyman (NA) 1383067
25th superkinder (BR) 1352151