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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st StarGuardianZoe (OCE) 2117118
2nd A Zoe Corrompida (BR) 2004270
3rd Lagada (BR) 1963518
4th Zoyfu (LAS) 1866723
5th Reiina (NA) 1719551
6th Makoto Niijima (EUW) 1671404
7th ZøeScript (NA) 1626927
8th Kuyt019 (BR) 1579230
9th Снобыч (RU) 1474071
10th Ghost of Happppy (RU) 1443554
11th LoneBulbasaur (NA) 1427768
12th Zoyke (LAS) 1379905
13th Viley Tainted (NA) 1372750
14th Komеr (RU) 1362239
15th RuivaTop (BR) 1345348
16th Зои не Йордл (RU) 1342672
17th Vicksy (EUW) 1341763
18th 스펠 카이팅 (KR) 1332187
19th INtomyZonE (EUNE) 1305534
20th Candalyman (NA) 1304516
21st Gimlodo (EUW) 1299103
22nd Zõe (RU) 1287891
23rd Malix Farwin (NA) 1258486
24th Ray Liotta (TR) 1258304
25th TribeBandit (NA) 1240544