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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Gossamer DT (NA) 1405494
2nd Roman1977 (EUNE) 1309453
3rd Birbs (EUW) 1065471
4th SKT T1 Raito (BR) 1044953
5th April 7th (BR) 1043474
6th aLeex7 (EUW) 1039485
7th Sunfire (LAS) 1033739
8th HadSexWithKAISA (EUW) 1012019
9th LuffyvTW (NA) 988017
10th twyster2017 (EUW) 985748
11th Ofilleonyx (EUW) 935238
12th BigFudge1 (EUW) 869388
13th cutepie (EUW) 856442
14th RCMDM (NA) 831694
15th l3lacktip (NA) 830962
17th IIHeavyMachineII (EUNE) 808806
18th The ShinigĂ mi (EUW) 807149
19th BloodLiné (EUW) 799954
20th Rhodimus (NA) 777007
21st Marioj735 (NA) 775753
22nd Aiden Ayzaria (EUW) 773818
23rd BaTeR ou CoRReR (BR) 762794
24th Defiantxwren (NA) 752874
25th Juandejunin (LAS) 748550