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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Gossamer DT (NA) 1824427
2nd LDP DARKZONE (EUW) 1511104
3rd BTW Endris (TR) 1476651
4th NaCl FLOWSINME (EUW) 1401935
5th April 7th (BR) 1397507
6th Hugan (RU) 1351530
7th Roman1977 (EUNE) 1319459
8th twyster2017 (EUW) 1250501
9th Birbs (EUW) 1200346
10th TIOR Kira (BR) 1167231
11th RCMDM (NA) 1126313
12th aLeex7 (EUW) 1121603
13th CARLINHOS DIGDIN (BR) 1107372
14th Οfilleonyx (EUW) 1098970
15th Hyat (LAS) 1081694
16th LuffyvTW (NA) 1070963
17th cutepie (EUW) 1064029
18th 복숭아충 (KR) 991725
19th l3lacktip (NA) 977909
20th CSQ Hain Sero (TR) 954207
21st Defiantxwren (NA) 947594
22nd BloodLiné (EUW) 938032
23rd K Bonch (EUW) 933856
24th BigFudge1 (EUW) 923157
25th Missperceived (TR) 910439