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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st kamikaze314 (EUW) 5919264
2nd BigBallszzzzzz (NA) 5733401
3rd 수확장인 (KR) 2897887
4th Dinausorus (NA) 2813447
5th FVLStar (EUW) 2667336
6th im warden sivir (EUW) 2619198
7th thunderburd (NA) 2555897
8th MolIekka (BR) 2546112
9th Sivirizm (TR) 2544398
10th Mexican Frost (NA) 2420885
11th lolly619 (EUW) 2145251
12th Rorces (EUNE) 2124991
13th 갓비르v (KR) 2021056
14th PALOLPA (EUW) 1925764
15th Relocated (NA) 1788376
16th De Merlin (EUW) 1705167
17th ShadowHunterKeny (EUW) 1670439
18th av3l (EUW) 1578451
19th 시비르얌 (KR) 1557913
20th TopPlayer2000 (NA) 1470550
21st La toalla hell (EUW) 1439036
22nd Nadrius (NA) 1433608
23rd huBlade (NA) 1428582
24th SKlNHEAD (EUW) 1418790
25th Yivir (KR) 1406706