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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st kamikaze314 (EUW) 5035846
2nd BigBallszzzzzz (NA) 4784322
3rd im warden sivir (EUW) 2537789
4th Sivirizm (TR) 2372894
5th Dinausorus (NA) 2353554
6th FVLStar (EUW) 2223912
7th thunderburd (NA) 2115951
8th mollekka (BR) 1894533
9th Mexican Frost (NA) 1727789
10th Relocated (NA) 1652596
11th lolly619 (EUW) 1627227
12th Rorces (EUNE) 1573244
13th av3l (EUW) 1540062
14th PALOLPA (EUW) 1530332
15th De Merlin (EUW) 1526499
16th Lady bug thug (NA) 1376621
17th 1professor (NA) 1362034
18th Inevitable Death (EUW) 1361542
19th ShadowHunterKeny (EUW) 1291664
20th dupanet (EUW) 1244993
21st La toalla hell (EUW) 1212489
22nd TopPlayer2000 (NA) 1177480
23rd Sky God Slayer (EUW) 1167365
24th thuara (JP) 1156091
25th kdk493 (EUW) 1081519