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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Scht0nk (EUW) 4564941
2nd Andia (KR) 2715121
3rd FappyHatesClowns (NA) 2664837
4th shiiyo kinshi (EUW) 2458185
5th xx RASAMAHA xx (EUW) 2272049
6th metabaron001 (EUW) 2228557
7th Jujubana (BR) 2185747
8th Capitan Ginyu (LAN) 1961630
9th Anas52 (EUW) 1915036
10th FVT DVBS (NA) 1908029
11th squirmingfrog (NA) 1844759
12th Ouuh Pepper (EUW) 1838630
13th Geonsion (LAS) 1775038
14th VictorsSecrets (NA) 1694570
15th уайо (RU) 1609301
16th OTP Gnar (EUNE) 1518986
17th Chimpandolfo (NA) 1491109
18th Łitø (NA) 1482727
19th WaWaTD (NA) 1452442
20th Sinforous (BR) 1449980
21st 89P13 (NA) 1435521
22nd Wøøfie (NA) 1428220
23rd Falcoff (EUW) 1417874
24th Gnarage Inc (EUNE) 1411690
25th Overlord697 (EUNE) 1392315