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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Scht0nk (EUW) 6146000
2nd FappyHatesGaff (NA) 3928056
3rd Andia (KR) 3585775
4th Jujubana (BR) 3547135
5th xx RASAMAHA xx (EUW) 2971290
6th Cervix Pen (EUW) 2752381
7th First time Gnarr (EUW) 2716815
8th metabaron001 (EUW) 2570374
9th VictorsSecrets (NA) 2424675
10th WatSollDerG (EUW) 2353850
11th Snow Day Gnar (EUNE) 2246731
12th squirmingfrog (NA) 2076698
13th Capitan Ginyu (LAN) 2055012
14th OTP Gnar (EUNE) 2051502
15th FVT DVBS (NA) 2037676
16th Cuckboy (NA) 2008960
17th Mr Popper (NA) 1998124
18th Shigamitsuite (NA) 1920871
19th SomeKindOfYordle (EUNE) 1915862
20th Geonsion (LAS) 1893162
21st GGnar (EUW) 1883296
22nd XoXXoX (NA) 1849454
23rd 둠다다비비다다 (KR) 1772363
24th Balhé (EUW) 1772197
25th Coach Zing (NA) 1726355