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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Scht0nk (EUW) 5057244
2nd FappyHatesClowns (NA) 2852531
3rd Andia (KR) 2741521
4th Jujubana (BR) 2735126
5th shiiyo kinshi (EUW) 2553857
6th xx RASAMAHA xx (EUW) 2486852
7th metabaron001 (EUW) 2349112
8th Anas52 (EUW) 2062847
9th TOPLETHICS RYL (EUW) 2055896
10th Capitan Ginyu (LAN) 1961630
11th FVT DVBS (NA) 1953512
12th VictorsSecrets (NA) 1926982
13th squirmingfrog (NA) 1897897
14th Geonsion (LAS) 1815769
15th OTP Gnar (EUNE) 1794919
16th уайо (RU) 1634285
17th Chimpandolfo (NA) 1557067
18th Łitø (NA) 1539256
19th Wøøfie (NA) 1538165
20th Falcoff (EUW) 1520025
21st Snow Day Gnar (EUNE) 1500917
22nd Gnarage Inc (EUNE) 1471593
23rd Sinforous (BR) 1462689
24th WaWaTD (NA) 1452442
25th 89P13 (NA) 1445750