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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Scht0nk (EUW) 3463373
2nd shiiyo kinshi (EUW) 1851803
3rd Capitan Ginyu (LAN) 1826625
4th FappyTheLegend (NA) 1780791
5th metabaron001 (EUW) 1675542
6th FVT DVBS (NA) 1565148
7th squirmingfrog (NA) 1520318
8th Geonsion (LAS) 1435401
9th COJUN Ez Pepper (EUW) 1431585
10th xx RASAMAHA xx (EUW) 1412256
11th Red Sauna Robe (NA) 1358931
12th Overlord697 (EUNE) 1259260
13th уайо (RU) 1233212
14th Gnarly Telephone (EUNE) 1180158
15th Bara Rider (BR) 1177168
16th Anas52 (EUW) 1144682
17th livin4life (NA) 1141430
18th Wøøfie (NA) 1140756
19th Miss March (NA) 1125989
20th WaWaTD (NA) 1113466
21st Spungebob (NA) 1106395
22nd Falcoff (EUW) 1097579
23rd MainGnar (EUNE) 1093992
24th pkz (EUNE) 1069051
25th Jétt (NA) 1050159