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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st WTF ZAkER (EUW) 3454060
2nd conflictjz2000 (NA) 3197070
3rd ArrowsofAlfar (EUW) 2995075
4th borzoi dog (JP) 2745306
5th Parzych (EUNE) 2654070
6th SAXMESTER (KR) 2497429
7th Falshor (NA) 2461852
8th BL0B J0B (NA) 2314315
9th klondikebar7 (NA) 2309032
10th Zac Sup (BR) 2291294
11th Demonsl3lood (NA) 2230502
12th Spaguettiiiiii (EUW) 2214367
13th Welding Operator (KR) 2210720
14th mobius site (KR) 2130797
15th MagatsuEmperor (EUW) 2113734
16th Last ZAC NA (NA) 2068119
17th BeellViAstus (EUW) 2022644
18th 쟈크킹 (KR) 1953129
19th RυΝ (EUNE) 1948738
20th SENDAAL LIL BRO (EUNE) 1886573
21st Araroont (EUW) 1861671
22nd SzalonaGalaretka (EUNE) 1840642
23rd Gankr (NA) 1831863
24th Ankhless (NA) 1826336
25th DevilDan (LAN) 1822350