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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st WTF ZAkER (EUW) 3137190
2nd conflictjz2000 (NA) 2956288
3rd ArrowsofAlfar (EUW) 2840646
4th SAXMESTER (KR) 2428429
5th borzoi dog (JP) 2426142
6th Parzych (EUNE) 2373482
7th Spaguettiiiiii (EUW) 2198591
8th Parana (BR) 2181150
9th klondikebar7 (NA) 2160109
10th Demonsl3lood (NA) 2110244
11th Falshor (NA) 2102784
12th Yourick (NA) 2078244
13th mobius site (KR) 2063193
14th 롤롤문숑 (KR) 2062214
15th BeellViAstus (EUW) 2017897
16th 쟈크킹 (KR) 1933951
17th MagatsuEmperor (EUW) 1927309
18th Last ZAC NA (NA) 1877760
19th Gankr (NA) 1828747
20th DevilDan (LAN) 1819952
21st thebi9b0ss (EUW) 1806624
22nd Araroont (EUW) 1800988
23rd WOLF1963 (EUNE) 1786582
24th Ankhless (NA) 1733230
25th Rakan my Blobs (NA) 1722697