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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st GUMO GUMO ZAK (EUW) 3918226
2nd conflictjz2000 (NA) 3558209
3rd borzoi dog (JP) 3505194
4th Parzych (EUNE) 3200364
5th 킹자크지 (KR) 3144778
6th 젤리마스터 (KR) 3077893
7th ArrowsofAlfar (EUW) 3049359
8th Falshor (NA) 3020972
9th Fat Nuts Zack (NA) 3014560
10th 자크로크자 (KR) 2764548
11th Zoup (NA) 2710754
12th FitzNA (NA) 2552957
13th Last ZAC NA (NA) 2515785
14th No mercy Zac (KR) 2479371
15th Demonsl3lood (NA) 2456347
16th Zac play (BR) 2411683
17th thebi9b0ss (EUW) 2347990
18th Heartless Zac (EUW) 2332834
19th ßlue Shell (NA) 2305720
20th Spaguettiiiiii (EUW) 2277730
21st 1GSTER SpongeBob (EUW) 2212695
22nd mobius site (KR) 2199797
23rd BeellViAstus (EUW) 2142377
24th Araroont (EUW) 2128313
25th dΟDge (EUNE) 2036859