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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st WTF ZAkER (EUW) 3232007
2nd conflictjz2000 (NA) 3065348
3rd ArrowsofAlfar (EUW) 2892215
4th borzoi dog (JP) 2558996
5th Parzych (EUNE) 2544018
6th SAXMESTER (KR) 2463933
7th Falshor (NA) 2410477
8th klondikebar7 (NA) 2267652
9th Zac Sup (BR) 2249016
10th Spaguettiiiiii (EUW) 2209625
11th 키 타 (KR) 2190256
12th Someone Fishy (NA) 2185872
13th Demonsl3lood (NA) 2174726
14th mobius site (KR) 2099663
15th MagatsuEmperor (EUW) 2060746
16th Last ZAC NA (NA) 2028780
17th BeellViAstus (EUW) 2022644
18th 쟈크킹 (KR) 1940295
19th WOLF1963 (EUNE) 1880553
20th Araroont (EUW) 1853326
21st d0Dge (EUNE) 1852250
22nd Gankr (NA) 1831863
23rd DevilDan (LAN) 1819952
24th SzalonaGalaretka (EUNE) 1818456
25th thebi9b0ss (EUW) 1806624