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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st GUMO GUMO ZAK (EUW) 4547729
2nd 왕젤리 (KR) 4127798
3rd borzoi dog (JP) 4109862
4th 킹자크지 (KR) 4000301
5th conflictjz2000 (NA) 3579158
6th Falshor (NA) 3328345
7th FitzNA (NA) 3319712
8th Parzych (EUNE) 3310351
9th ArrowsofAlfar (EUW) 3235343
10th I SPIN IT (NA) 3158151
11th swifty slime 69 (NA) 3089837
12th thebi9b0ss (EUW) 3089580
13th Zoup (NA) 3084430
14th 자크로크자 (KR) 3056818
15th 내몸에텔타라 (KR) 3011658
16th 방배동먹버킹 (KR) 2984504
17th Demonsl3lood (NA) 2796879
18th Hard Stuck 3mill (NA) 2604488
19th No mercy Zac (KR) 2537599
20th ßlue Shell (NA) 2496778
21st 조은사내 (KR) 2496360
22nd Zac play (BR) 2437564
23rd Gallant Hero Zac (EUW) 2413364
24th Bloods SpongeBob (EUW) 2390371
25th Araroont (EUW) 2342561