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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Fabled Emperor (NA) 3547712
2nd Alonesuo (TR) 3505073
3rd SPIN (NA) 3110305
4th Yasuo ˉ (EUW) 3059939
5th THÍCH CÂN 5 (NA) 2998692
6th ys100 (NA) 2924207
7th YASSUO TSM (LAN) 2911086
8th beat on bush (NA) 2867444
9th Owqi (EUW) 2852170
10th PeraKYS (EUNE) 2851005
11th 야 찰 (KR) 2847692
12th PGset (NA) 2821267
13th Son Hak (NA) 2735297
14th ジョニーライデン (JP) 2720030
15th One Q Samurai (EUW) 2693926
16th aminofx (TR) 2685517
17th Qualcomm (LAS) 2681118
18th Eetu3D (EUW) 2633197
19th Tohrú (LAN) 2624695
20th Nia (EUW) 2613722
21st MVP Inugami (EUW) 2609016
22nd Qesadillasinqeso (LAN) 2561310
23rd Moota (NA) 2556607
24th Äyą (EUW) 2524104
25th DepressedYasuo (EUW) 2476724