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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Fabled Emperor (NA) 3847735
2nd 노브레끼 (KR) 3837559
3rd Alonesuo (TR) 3766097
4th Spin (NA) 3624248
5th IR YORSTACK (LAN) 3549719
6th 혼돈 야스오 (KR) 3423371
7th Onlythestrong26 (NA) 3329125
8th Zerº (EUW) 3328987
9th Son Hak (NA) 3300962
10th One Q Samurai (EUW) 3290931
11th Eetu3D (EUW) 3278335
12th THÍCH CÂN 5 (NA) 3199091
13th ys100 (NA) 3198793
14th TwTv SUNGSLEE TY (NA) 3173215
15th Owqi (EUW) 3164487
16th Hard On Donger (NA) 3121802
17th PGset (NA) 3100461
18th perakys (EUNE) 3066718
19th If l Leave (BR) 3030212
20th Taken (EUW) 3023021
21st Nikenzo (EUW) 3015046
22nd Database Cowboy (LAN) 3014477
23rd Qesadillasinqeso (LAN) 2999605
24th バターライデン (JP) 2984013
25th 해적호 (KR) 2982218