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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 노브레끼 (KR) 4327805
2nd 혼돈 야스오 (KR) 4142295
3rd IR YORSTACK (LAN) 4046800
4th Fabled Emperor (NA) 4026240
5th Spin (NA) 3911417
6th Alonesuo (TR) 3766097
7th Onlythestrong26 (NA) 3748056
8th Hard On Donger (NA) 3593979
9th One Q Samurai (EUW) 3559226
10th NF LeaveMeAlone (BR) 3532351
11th Son Hak (NA) 3510596
12th Nolife Sam (EUW) 3497594
13th ys100 (NA) 3473111
14th PGset (NA) 3410622
15th Eetu3D (EUW) 3408733
16th SUNGSLEE (NA) 3370904
17th Owqi (EUW) 3362229
18th Nikenzo (EUW) 3335841
19th Qesadillasinqeso (LAN) 3331281
20th ジョニキ (JP) 3311669
21st THÍCH CÂN 5 (NA) 3287709
22nd DeuΧPlay (EUNE) 3261493
23rd Aragan Kun (LAN) 3166896
24th Taken (EUW) 3151335
25th Malignus (BR) 3133964