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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 노브레끼 (KR) 4327805
2nd 혼돈 야스오 (KR) 4140311
3rd Fabled Emperor (NA) 4008239
4th IR YORSTACK (LAN) 3891127
5th Spin (NA) 3780337
6th Alonesuo (TR) 3766097
7th Onlythestrong26 (NA) 3664888
8th Ώ Veigar Ώ (EUW) 3467995
9th Hard On Donger (NA) 3465293
10th One Q Samurai (EUW) 3457581
11th Son Hak (NA) 3452148
12th Eetu3D (EUW) 3408733
13th ys100 (NA) 3407210
14th PGset (NA) 3356743
15th NF LeaveMeAlone (BR) 3355735
16th Owqi (EUW) 3332678
17th SKT T1 SEKS (NA) 3331017
18th Qesadillasinqeso (LAN) 3273788
19th THÍCH CÂN 5 (NA) 3263150
20th Nikenzo (EUW) 3226593
21st バターライデン (JP) 3223322
22nd DeuΧPlay (EUNE) 3205387
23rd Taken (EUW) 3151335
24th 해적호 (KR) 3096607
25th Tohrú (LAN) 3093843