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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Fabled Emperor (NA) 3436610
2nd Alonesuo (TR) 3419214
3rd THÍCH CÂN 5 (NA) 2972492
4th God Is White (EUW) 2939772
5th Spin (NA) 2911925
6th OMROTEM (LAN) 2901090
7th ys100 (NA) 2850112
8th VXIVIII SVGA (EUNE) 2825561
9th 야 찰 (KR) 2816207
10th Owqi (EUW) 2814684
11th beat on bush (NA) 2812075
12th PGset (NA) 2705059
13th aminofx (TR) 2676094
14th Son Hak (NA) 2620890
15th ジョニーライデン (JP) 2618709
16th Qualcomm (LAS) 2603301
17th One Q Samurai (EUW) 2558338
18th Nia (EUW) 2557011
19th Søviet Løli (LAN) 2518449
20th mvp inugami (EUW) 2512796
21st Eetu3D (EUW) 2505521
22nd Qesadillasinqeso (LAN) 2504087
23rd XaeEditing (EUW) 2476004
24th Mutaree (NA) 2464939
25th Yasuo GonieCie (EUNE) 2423028