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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 팀에탱커좀있어라 (KR) 4495088
2nd SupportPaper (EUNE) 2701814
3rd A cuddley kitten (NA) 2686992
4th Soraka the Star (EUW) 2626150
5th Laelwine (EUW) 2599090
6th TS anette16 (LAN) 2498427
7th benoizu (BR) 2300803
8th Izabelaa (EUNE) 2249660
9th PickleRIIICK (RU) 2248481
10th ShadWooo (EUNE) 2234185
11th Wíríto (EUW) 2112457
12th l Mystical Elf l (BR) 2097748
13th SA7 Distilled (EUNE) 2092307
14th Happy Lion (OCE) 2073825
15th spikeknight16 (NA) 2062609
16th 4ExîlêNîghtSôuL (TR) 2043732
17th Caracancel (NA) 2041165
18th S A D RAKA (BR) 2021723
19th 바다인어 나미 (KR) 2019834
20th akwinter17 (NA) 1982316
21st Rees (EUNE) 1953945
22nd Diibuuu (EUW) 1949703
23rd Ulika (EUNE) 1947415
24th lightsinthewoods (EUW) 1908170
25th bluetux (NA) 1903628