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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st karamurat2 (TR) 4937741
2nd Pulpo Peronista (LAS) 4120920
3rd Heyomi (EUW) 3966801
4th marshmallonz (NA) 3065556
5th 黄泉 比良坂 (JP) 3041498
6th Mezzepa (NA) 2954779
7th The Eggsalad (NA) 2937383
8th EYE (RU) 2924039
9th zikko (BR) 2863597
10th Pommerz (EUW) 2816830
11th 1Time well koz (EUW) 2697412
12th OneEyeGod (NA) 2633769
13th Feunín (EUW) 2620099
14th housefly1 (NA) 2564256
15th Sabaoth22 (EUW) 2559819
16th lolweaver (EUW) 2513021
17th Parking666 (EUW) 2382400
18th BANKAIIIII (EUW) 2380413
19th NibelHungen (EUW) 2353368
20th 콩이아부지75 (KR) 2264008
21st Velkoz on Fire (EUW) 2262556
22nd King Koz (NA) 2244313
23rd GenomeSoldier01 (EUW) 2132693
24th Dojutsu (EUW) 2123936
25th VełGod (NA) 2109745