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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st karamurat2 (TR) 5117782
2nd Pulpo Peronista (LAS) 4537611
3rd Heyomi (EUW) 4162646
4th FINAL FANTASY (JP) 3718641
5th marshmallonz (NA) 3324657
6th 77SETE77 (BR) 3062199
7th 1Time well koz (EUW) 2984073
8th Mezzepa (NA) 2954779
9th The Eggsalad (NA) 2937383
10th EYE (RU) 2924039
11th Pommerz (EUW) 2901360
12th OneEyeGod (NA) 2876335
13th 머어쩌라고 (KR) 2862298
14th Feunín (EUW) 2838113
15th housefly1 (NA) 2837834
16th DopeThrone (EUW) 2808333
17th IAmDoran (EUW) 2766681
18th 쓰레쉬형아 (KR) 2576652
19th lolweaver (EUW) 2571212
20th NibelHungen (EUW) 2520278
21st titaness (EUW) 2499222
22nd BANKAIIIII (EUW) 2448511
23rd Dr Rashmi (EUW) 2445938
24th 콩이아부지75 (KR) 2340176
25th Lyst (EUW) 2289562