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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st kz0tr (JP) 6913540
2nd etrusque1 (EUW) 5170847
3rd Asukira (NA) 4001582
4th Gskywalker (NA) 3100935
5th 5 Birds 1 Stone (NA) 3085947
6th Yehidah (BR) 2254409
7th Muufasaaa (NA) 2230382
8th Mentaliyah ill (EUW) 2227915
9th Deny Beifong (LAN) 1929009
10th Queen Sovvy (EUW) 1700264
11th Royal T (NA) 1655569
12th wolfpaw (NA) 1624830
13th Victor506 (NA) 1589646
14th Delfinition (NA) 1578306
15th Erudite Weaver (NA) 1577683
16th SPECTRVM (LAS) 1551259
17th Kono Kalakawa (EUW) 1544988
18th JS Bach (NA) 1524840
19th I failed Cannon (EUW) 1513247
20th 예토전생하도다 (KR) 1484462
21st I am bean whip (NA) 1476341
22nd FALKOL VISÃO (BR) 1451075
23rd Greasy Turkey (NA) 1430679
24th Zyrealiyapeia (EUW) 1421689
25th SanaShyShy (EUW) 1395281