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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Tesleuton (NA) 3654044
2nd kahozdark (LAS) 1994822
3rd Urtikor (EUNE) 1677527
4th imqthoney (JP) 1674843
5th xRL Peach (NA) 1566944
6th sub0 (TR) 1554176
7th xYuu (JP) 1435595
8th HBOXSpotlight (NA) 1407941
9th Hamza (TR) 1398741
10th Aikisi (JP) 1397591
11th Roefel (EUW) 1363413
12th Hope Is A Prison (NA) 1333429
13th The Zizk (BR) 1197541
14th BladeCube (NA) 1183078
15th AKAsup (EUNE) 1170097
16th Waterbottle (KR) 1150158
17th HopeAndWonder (EUW) 1149818
18th Camillee (BR) 1148138
19th emrebaba7799 (TR) 1146327
20th Camille Hextec (BR) 1139121
21st the steel shadøw (EUW) 1105053
22nd Estigia (LAN) 1098293
23rd Epic Will (EUW) 1051007
24th SKT1 Camille (NA) 1038063
25th Akaruin (EUW) 1030365