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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Tesleuton (NA) 3717260
2nd kahozdark (LAS) 2166611
3rd imqthoney (JP) 1764467
4th sub0 (TR) 1691113
5th Urtikor (EUNE) 1677527
6th xRL Peach (NA) 1659711
7th xYuu (JP) 1563544
8th Likije (JP) 1542850
9th HBOXSpotlight (NA) 1426223
10th Hamza (TR) 1406974
11th BladeCube (NA) 1402832
12th Roefel (EUW) 1392839
13th Lofı Remıx (NA) 1351352
14th The Zizk (BR) 1262247
15th Camillee (BR) 1235668
16th HopeAndWonder (EUW) 1201865
17th emrebaba7799 (TR) 1199164
18th AKAsup (EUNE) 1176338
19th Waterbottle (KR) 1150360
20th Camille Hextec (BR) 1139121
21st ScissorsForLegs (NA) 1109174
22nd the steel shadøw (EUW) 1105053
23rd Estigia (LAN) 1103742
24th Epic Will (EUW) 1085456
25th SKT1 Camille (NA) 1049942