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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Tesleuton (NA) 2218081
2nd Waterbottle (KR) 1135983
3rd Sıngularıty (NA) 1111871
4th XcYuu (JP) 947170
5th zobrneek (EUNE) 935172
6th HâmzâBêy (TR) 933209
7th Foxtrot Roefel (EUW) 929957
8th BladeCube (NA) 928479
9th xRL Peach (NA) 869185
10th Wil me ama (LAN) 868221
11th Camillee (BR) 846521
12th Akaruin (EUW) 835261
13th zehirates (TR) 814653
14th Best Camille EU (EUW) 806209
15th Camille Hextec (BR) 791876
16th sucksexfool (NA) 780540
17th Wolfus (EUNE) 747210
18th RibsonJD (EUNE) 723020
19th YONK0 (EUW) 715702
20th SKT1 Camille (NA) 700028
21st Aoi Haru (EUW) 687260
22nd glubbered (OCE) 683285
23rd MAIKA TI 420 (EUW) 678071
24th um main camille (BR) 645728
25th Movie freak (EUNE) 640663