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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Tesleuton (NA) 3177558
2nd kahozdark (LAS) 1438180
3rd Urtikor (EUNE) 1367527
4th qtpie is my wife (JP) 1354444
5th xRL Peach (NA) 1347997
6th Xi Cygni (NA) 1282412
7th Roefel (EUW) 1276138
8th sub0 (TR) 1268941
9th HBOXSpotlight (NA) 1211814
10th HâmzâBABA (TR) 1202239
11th XcYuu (JP) 1197834
12th Waterbottle (KR) 1150158
13th the steel shadøw (EUW) 1105053
14th Estigia (LAN) 1044324
15th AKAsup (EUNE) 1032916
16th Radio Camille FM (EUNE) 1027098
17th Camille Hextec (BR) 1011331
18th BladeCube (NA) 1010724
19th The Zizk (BR) 1008873
20th emrebaba7799 (TR) 992443
21st Camillee (BR) 983993
22nd FNC Akarui (EUW) 962990
23rd Mayhem is Dead (LAN) 947715
24th MAIKA TI 420 (EUW) 919544
25th sucksexfool (NA) 915062