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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Vejeteryan Panda (TR) 5817959
2nd Dabblegamer (NA) 5803038
3rd 티모숙련도550만 (KR) 5562491
4th envy1 (EUNE) 5176560
5th Sonnenprinz (EUW) 4609263
6th Almighty Teemo (EUW) 4412823
7th oldmasamoto (EUW) 4259070
8th Grinouil (EUW) 4200309
9th Teemx (EUW) 4175752
10th 버섯엔지니어 (KR) 4088557
11th flameq8 (EUNE) 4062345
12th wewwwewewew (KR) 4046862
13th lRainha Matos (BR) 3992026
14th ChechoGaming (LAN) 3952469
15th tepts (NA) 3886841
16th Balgair (EUW) 3807162
17th LOL FR Teemo (EUW) 3799585
18th Pan Wojcio (EUNE) 3796050
19th xXDragonLordXx (NA) 3705439
20th tataramazan (TR) 3692051
21st 13001747del (KR) 3686327
22nd ZLG REMGX (LAN) 3617335
23rd snowwolfers (NA) 3582838
24th ZCispeo (EUW) 3581566
25th Whilia (NA) 3570807