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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Où est mon slip (EUW) 5205660
2nd aaxxaa1 (EUNE) 3910610
3rd esgrovniak (EUW) 3766610
4th 날아라군만두 (KR) 3431360
5th Pontifex1 (EUNE) 2938314
6th 정글 강백호 (KR) 2685333
7th 워윅x소라카 (KR) 2584312
8th Kiamos (EUW) 2420209
9th Alfie93 (EUW) 2274722
10th VenomThelegend (EUNE) 2218563
11th Aliceyun (EUW) 2167452
12th Rabenhaupt (EUW) 2160012
13th Deádpool (EUW) 2130225
14th bolivian heat (NA) 2115057
15th parnellyx (NA) 2047232
16th KeelSteel007 (NA) 2041977
17th Tekame (NA) 2040340
18th 44450333del (KR) 2026842
19th OnlyWWOnlyBG (EUNE) 1994618
20th TOOWICKED (NA) 1952338
21st DaniMirr (RU) 1945809
22nd Dendrago (NA) 1938665
23rd Rei Warwick (BR) 1894570
24th Horacio88 (EUW) 1854708
25th Amineh (EUW) 1837902