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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Où est mon slip (EUW) 4848440
2nd esgrovniak (EUW) 3638617
3rd aaxxaa1 (EUNE) 3133710
4th 날아라군만두 (KR) 2813323
5th Pontifex1 (EUNE) 2625320
6th bolivian heat (NA) 2115057
7th Aliceyun (EUW) 2052314
8th Kiamos (EUW) 2030754
9th 44450333del (KR) 2026842
10th OnlyWWOnlyBG (EUNE) 1994618
11th Rabenhaupt (EUW) 1902658
12th Amineh (EUW) 1837902
13th VenomThelegend (EUNE) 1754801
14th BigCudyCud (NA) 1754348
15th Bdu (EUNE) 1726715
16th Dendrago (NA) 1686877
17th DaniMirr (RU) 1665812
18th king77jin (NA) 1659893
19th AFK Farm Warwick (NA) 1634053
20th jmpapyrous (EUNE) 1616910
21st TwTvlolparnellyx (NA) 1602908
22nd xenonej (EUW) 1553147
23rd Rei Warwick (BR) 1532498
24th Anime ls Real (NA) 1495008
25th Horacio88 (EUW) 1483354