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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Beremoth (EUW) 2380327
2nd JimRaynore (EUW) 1937030
3rd kangdigi (KR) 1662507
4th 5302319_DEL (KR) 1459968
5th R2F Desdi (EUW) 1318692
6th Candoodle (EUW) 1301997
7th Lilwoody (NA) 1208240
8th sweetpete (NA) 1088247
9th 괴도김 (KR) 1019443
10th danny3088 (NA) 1018923
11th Yêti (NA) 1001689
12th top의 지배자 (KR) 976354
13th EnterTheBaker (NA) 970971
14th Where is my GF (KR) 942605
15th corpora (EUNE) 939437
16th Janke96 (EUNE) 922626
17th Zeppcs (BR) 907290
18th PASTEL DE CABELO (BR) 894346
19th LCSLEVEL NUNU (EUW) 893752
20th Lalo (LAS) 876849
21st ARelentlessYeti (NA) 855621
22nd Koto (OCE) 839558
23rd 누누혐오를멈춰주 (KR) 834645
24th The Yetii Rider (NA) 832188
25th Phastos (EUW) 718866