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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st zelmerPL (EUNE) 2413150
2nd TheUltimatePerv (EUW) 2231761
3rd Suppbot (EUW) 2178187
4th Hi Im Astylos (EUNE) 2004951
5th fightforwar (EUW) 1917552
6th GallahadTama (EUW) 1836171
7th Dromeascr (EUNE) 1724151
8th Ubell Blatt (BR) 1605760
9th Séxy Keyboârd (EUNE) 1552801
10th Let Me Braum (TR) 1549513
11th CrazyZee (EUW) 1527593
12th InAJeffy (NA) 1436216
13th Reaperthethird (NA) 1430013
14th CNG Hellsing (EUNE) 1409400
15th GAG Land (EUNE) 1373761
16th Mémoryse (EUW) 1353167
17th NW Shadow (EUNE) 1352526
18th TibijskiWojownik (EUNE) 1346557
19th Pocokocska (EUNE) 1268722
20th Koocai (NA) 1215156
21st Braum sentience (EUW) 1211729
22nd Marcyline (BR) 1203062
23rd weissehirsche (EUW) 1174720
24th Aslollzer (EUNE) 1165990
25th Meanwhile Supp (LAS) 1141101