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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st zelmerPL (EUNE) 3148320
2nd Śweet Lovin (EUW) 3089638
3rd Suppbot (EUW) 2753472
4th Fraoulitsa (EUNE) 2689467
5th Hi Im Astylos (EUNE) 2571050
6th FISTO SexBot (EUW) 2094668
7th GallahadTama (EUW) 2082106
8th Braum1 (EUNE) 2038978
9th TibijskiWojownik (EUNE) 2026059
10th InAJeffy (NA) 1925771
11th fightforwar (EUW) 1917552
12th Hardiness (TR) 1894590
13th CrazyZee (EUW) 1894049
14th Koocai (NA) 1851202
15th Ubell Blatt (BR) 1805717
16th SaKaMoToo (EUNE) 1768221
17th CNG Shield (EUNE) 1734388
18th Evilkurczak1 (EUNE) 1731292
19th Zeb3xy (LAS) 1685099
20th Let Me Braum (TR) 1667055
21st Reaperthethird (NA) 1626397
22nd BierMeister (EUW) 1609158
23rd Mémoryse (EUW) 1580990
24th HepticKnightmare (EUW) 1540589
25th camilaASDF (LAS) 1485230