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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st c0water (EUNE) 3197790
2nd JhinTopNoTroll (EUW) 2764274
3rd Poseidon (LAN) 2422326
4th Rasterix (EUW) 2284824
5th Sir LuNaTiC (NA) 2201432
6th Войс (RU) 2151146
7th SaintJohn777 (NA) 2043869
8th Proverbs Project (NA) 1941418
9th Chargerback (NA) 1918914
10th CzyMad (EUW) 1889582
11th Silverpuma12 (EUW) 1876232
12th UnforJhinately (EUW) 1833161
13th Hans1 (NA) 1827354
14th Wólfgrimm (EUW) 1790045
15th Mrs Khada (EUNE) 1751063
16th Dance for me (EUW) 1747465
17th Sir CuddIesworth (NA) 1743805
18th Have A Crit (EUW) 1704736
19th ApeXsnipe (NA) 1693525
20th Ârt (EUW) 1669879
21st jocaJHIN (EUNE) 1666422
22nd EGO PROJECT (KR) 1653161
23rd BumperButt (TR) 1622933
24th WarOfart (LAS) 1617771
25th HomelessJhin (OCE) 1609098