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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st c0water (EUNE) 3466244
2nd JhinTopNoTroll (EUW) 3132628
3rd Poseidon (LAN) 2588420
4th Rasterix (EUW) 2529124
5th Войс (RU) 2314821
6th Sir LuNaTiC (NA) 2219643
7th Proverbs Project (NA) 2202451
8th SaintJohn777 (NA) 2091415
9th Madcrow23 (EUW) 2064117
10th Chargerback (NA) 1961975
11th UnforJhinately (EUW) 1951926
12th JOHNNYNETT (BR) 1945158
13th Wólfgrimm (EUW) 1914927
14th ApeXsnipe (NA) 1892867
15th xChronoFox (LAN) 1878800
16th Silverpuma12 (EUW) 1876232
17th Gun Virtuoso (EUNE) 1868854
18th Dance for me (EUW) 1855556
19th 듀오는반대가2표 (KR) 1845541
20th Hans1 (NA) 1844751
21st jocaJHIN (EUNE) 1819264
22nd Ârt (EUW) 1797373
23rd Sir CuddIesworth (NA) 1745600
24th Have A Crit (EUW) 1739000
25th RUFRUF (KR) 1732459