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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st c0water (EUNE) 2086700
2nd Sir LuNaTiC (NA) 2049006
3rd Silverpuma12 (EUW) 1733495
4th Sir CuddIesworth (NA) 1570204
5th Wólfgrimm (EUW) 1439692
6th Khada Jhiń (EUW) 1438108
7th jhinxao (EUNE) 1416951
8th BlakknivesMatter (NA) 1394353
9th UnforJhinately (EUW) 1370335
10th AZ tally (NA) 1351342
11th HomelessJhin (OCE) 1346135
12th asaingar (NA) 1332419
13th VoiceOfSoul (RU) 1323835
14th CzyMad (EUW) 1289141
15th JhinTopNoTroll (EUW) 1281349
16th Whisperr (EUNE) 1267896
17th Dance for me (EUW) 1216105
18th Have A Crit (EUW) 1195609
19th Neroś (EUNE) 1173355
20th JOHNNYNETT (BR) 1171882
21st c0sse (EUNE) 1169503
22nd Fadii (OCE) 1164113
23rd Aeey (NA) 1157170
24th MistFreem (RU) 1150191
25th triumphandglory (EUNE) 1078112