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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Chaos rebelioN (BR) 2660220
2nd Hion (LAN) 2381051
3rd Spirit Huntress (NA) 2290447
4th Barhunga (OCE) 2249701
5th Neverwithout (NA) 2197986
6th ProKind (LAN) 2114866
7th Sunset Lamb (LAS) 2088112
8th Vicesquade (NA) 2004164
9th jayden0402 (NA) 1987912
10th Rmzy (EUW) 1949821
11th The Paloggia (EUW) 1928799
12th NeonshadowNS (NA) 1926469
13th ShädowNightmare (EUW) 1902401
14th We take our mark (EUNE) 1863600
15th FenrisRaa (EUW) 1849945
16th Kindredd (TR) 1815681
17th KindDread (NA) 1793568
18th jebus305 (NA) 1735473
19th Vëx (EUW) 1685739
20th IreAzure (NA) 1678784
21st Kindred Bot (RU) 1640141
22nd Kon4nN (NA) 1621237
23rd 가이커스 (KR) 1589484
24th Necrozted (LAN) 1568251
25th Only Kindred (TR) 1542199