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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Timber (BR) 1948738
2nd Spirit Huntress (NA) 1700971
3rd Hion (LAN) 1653076
4th Princess Kindred (NA) 1603558
5th Rmzy (EUW) 1590169
6th Vëx (EUW) 1572214
7th Aka Pilo (EUW) 1531019
8th Vicesquade (NA) 1520264
9th Kindred or feeed (EUW) 1489921
10th jebus305 (NA) 1450928
11th Barhunga (OCE) 1443028
12th 가이커스 (KR) 1433181
13th NeonshadowNS (NA) 1410059
14th 독도는대한민국영 (KR) 1353344
15th TheUItimateMaacs (EUNE) 1345103
16th 71060817DEL1 (NA) 1325541
17th Kindred in 2017 (NA) 1248009
18th LFC 1M Kindred (TR) 1214180
19th Lightwolf74 (EUW) 1202682
20th Kamakazi72 (NA) 1191048
21st Kotaro Foxy (NA) 1190688
22nd CrimsonKindred (EUW) 1172682
23rd CeFa16 (TR) 1161831
24th TGP LaW (EUW) 1156358
25th Š x (EUNE) 1150808