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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st A Crywolf A (BR) 2441656
2nd Hion (LAN) 2191100
3rd Spirit Huntress (NA) 2117611
4th Princess Kindred (NA) 1991729
5th Barhunga (OCE) 1922482
6th Rmzy (EUW) 1890398
7th Reformd (EUW) 1838139
8th ProKind (LAN) 1822915
9th jayden0402 (NA) 1815599
10th Vicesquade (NA) 1792856
11th TheUItimateMaacs (EUNE) 1790050
12th Sunset Lamb (LAS) 1761265
13th NeonshadowNS (NA) 1751701
14th jebus305 (NA) 1680140
15th FenrisRaa (EUW) 1678874
16th Vëx (EUW) 1677198
17th ShädowNightmare (EUW) 1664113
18th IreAzure (NA) 1651471
19th 가이커스 (KR) 1578193
20th KindDread (NA) 1557492
21st Kindred Bot (RU) 1550312
22nd Kon4nN (NA) 1530990
23rd Only Kindred (TR) 1522978
24th Kindred or feeed (EUW) 1502961
25th Kindredd (TR) 1488364