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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Chaos rebelioN (BR) 2772093
2nd Barhunga (OCE) 2572234
3rd Hion (LAN) 2550006
4th Spirit Huntress (NA) 2382688
5th Sunset Lamb (LAS) 2351791
6th ProKind (LAN) 2333489
7th Princess Kindred (NA) 2235257
8th Vicesquade (NA) 2164631
9th jayden0402 (NA) 2155543
10th NeonshadowNS (NA) 2142239
11th ShädowNightmare (EUW) 2126120
12th The Paloggia (EUW) 2072610
13th KindDread (NA) 2059698
14th Kindredd (TR) 2044470
15th Rmzy (EUW) 1985302
16th FenrisRaa (EUW) 1915946
17th K1ndmark (EUNE) 1904511
18th We take our mark (EUNE) 1881760
19th P0beditel (RU) 1848388
20th Necrozted (LAN) 1748436
21st jebus305 (NA) 1735473
22nd 나능이닭백숙 (KR) 1711588
23rd Kon4nN (NA) 1704379
24th Vëx (EUW) 1685739
25th IreAzure (NA) 1678940