Miss Fortune

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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Rush ELL (KR) 3715407
2nd agrios tiger (EUNE) 3547715
3rd f nay j (EUW) 3546825
4th The KraShKiller (EUW) 3264029
5th Flomigulau (EUW) 3244316
6th Wattaaar (NA) 3136397
7th Ishmael Tarok (NA) 3117786
8th WizardOfSrb91 (EUNE) 2915312
9th scabyka (EUNE) 2896598
10th dudulepremier (EUW) 2702887
11th Anturias1 (LAN) 2665301
12th Aona (EUW) 2627045
13th 카우걸 미스포츈 (KR) 2616452
14th alucard20000 (NA) 2612639
15th ElGranEstafador (LAS) 2593452
16th rockstone (OCE) 2581747
17th Angelfisher (NA) 2531718
18th ewa10 (EUNE) 2486816
19th 미스포카리 (KR) 2479601
20th şafak24 (TR) 2411139
21st DeaH9 (EUW) 2338172
22nd xGreenMambax (EUW) 2338092
23rd ISwearMFwas18 (EUNE) 2332616
24th oGRIMY (NA) 2332174
25th 1234dinh1234 (NA) 2297215