Miss Fortune

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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st f nay j (EUW) 3196226
2nd Flomigulau (EUW) 3095028
3rd Ishmael Tarok (NA) 2849866
4th The KraShKiller (EUW) 2671335
5th Wattaaar (NA) 2654045
6th scabyka (EUNE) 2440156
7th WizardOfSrb91 (EUNE) 2398773
8th dudulepremier (EUW) 2360140
9th Anturias1 (LAN) 2355760
10th 미스포카리 (KR) 2298924
11th 1234dinh1234 (NA) 2241948
12th FB Mrs Fortune (TR) 2232207
13th rockstone (OCE) 2174035
14th ewa10 (EUNE) 2120135
15th Fortune La Bombe (EUW) 2119165
16th Aona (EUW) 2111599
17th alucard20000 (NA) 2071218
18th şafak24 (TR) 2038157
19th BLADE RUNNERR (EUNE) 2002897
20th donbonn (EUNE) 1999020
21st n1kt1r (TR) 1992949
22nd öMFö (EUW) 1985204
23rd oGRIMY (NA) 1978456
24th Dalstardemon (EUW) 1959218
25th SHOCKMR (NA) 1938643