Miss Fortune

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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st agrios tiger (EUNE) 4139333
2nd f nay j (EUW) 3912245
3rd 쌍권총여신 (KR) 3907872
4th ewa10 (EUNE) 3797707
5th entetotal (EUW) 3612043
6th The KraShKiller (EUW) 3610484
7th WizardOfSrb91 (EUNE) 3326678
8th Wattaaar (NA) 3325997
9th scabyka (EUNE) 3305805
10th Flomigulau (EUW) 3244316
11th Anturias1 (LAN) 3185847
12th alucard20000 (NA) 3168589
13th Aona (EUW) 3143693
14th Ishmael Tarok (NA) 3117786
15th Angelfisher (NA) 3063311
16th ElGranEstafador (LAS) 3021850
17th 카우걸 미스 포츈 (KR) 2969060
18th wuen (EUNE) 2889341
19th dudulepremier (EUW) 2865811
20th DeaH9 (EUW) 2737066
21st rockstone (OCE) 2699755
22nd ÐIONIS (EUNE) 2686236
23rd şafak24 (TR) 2660150
24th SHOCKMR (NA) 2550931
25th Lord Pona (NA) 2545293