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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Little Elf Jinx (NA) 6171467
2nd 그 징크스 (KR) 5208559
3rd tigerleo (KR) 5075793
4th OTL s징크스s (KR) 4835824
5th ILoveIsla (NA) 4818705
6th Phatea (TR) 4674297
7th zk0x (NA) 4288764
8th camymata (EUNE) 4204643
9th 원거리딜러징크스 (KR) 4090047
10th loki of winter (NA) 3937218
11th danielsonic12 (LAS) 3822322
12th Spesial Forcess (TR) 3539074
13th FNĆ Rekkłes (EUW) 3518093
14th pres978 (LAS) 3484913
15th 미소가예뻐 (KR) 3432928
16th zestacereal (KR) 3412279
17th sirwookwook (NA) 3373217
18th LightEros (LAS) 3259272
19th T4nk GirI (EUW) 3226882
20th HoodaaSpy (EUNE) 3223891
21st iJinx (KR) 3132764
22nd veternalv (OCE) 3086056
23rd 야옹성원 (KR) 3004865
24th TheRedShadoW RX (BR) 3003987
25th 찬회장님 (KR) 2892665