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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Little Elf Jinx (NA) 6341431
2nd 그 징크스 (KR) 5516346
3rd tigerleo (KR) 5356063
4th OTL s징크스s (KR) 5173548
5th ILoveIsla (NA) 5134337
6th Phatea (TR) 4737702
7th camymata (EUNE) 4645874
8th zk0x (NA) 4455336
9th 원거리딜러징크스 (KR) 4246645
10th loki of winter (NA) 4095795
11th danielsonic12 (LAS) 4067835
12th 북미산 (KR) 3988133
13th professor12 (EUNE) 3885111
14th Bayan Bong (TR) 3727326
15th pres978 (LAS) 3718835
16th 소영웅 (KR) 3710978
17th sirwookwook (NA) 3647927
18th zestacereal (KR) 3573013
19th FNĆ Rekkłes (EUW) 3518093
20th Tank Girl (EUW) 3510916
21st LightEros (LAS) 3445480
22nd 미소가예뻐 (KR) 3432928
23rd HoodaaSpy (EUNE) 3333003
24th veternalv (OCE) 3315459
25th 야옹성원 (KR) 3242444