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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Little Elf Jinx (NA) 6233850
2nd 그 징크스 (KR) 5362069
3rd tigerleo (KR) 5176935
4th ILoveIsla (NA) 5009263
5th OTL s징크스s (KR) 5008326
6th Phatea (TR) 4691210
7th camymata (EUNE) 4528963
8th zk0x (NA) 4379842
9th 원거리딜러징크스 (KR) 4193653
10th loki of winter (NA) 4049581
11th danielsonic12 (LAS) 3947030
12th 북미산 (KR) 3827905
13th Bayan Bong (TR) 3624906
14th pres978 (LAS) 3592388
15th zestacereal (KR) 3551667
16th FNĆ Rekkłes (EUW) 3518093
17th sirwookwook (NA) 3474340
18th 미소가예뻐 (KR) 3432928
19th T4nk GirI (EUW) 3353579
20th LightEros (LAS) 3309195
21st HoodaaSpy (EUNE) 3273538
22nd iJinx (KR) 3172577
23rd veternalv (OCE) 3153746
24th 야옹성원 (KR) 3067702
25th TheRedShadoW RX (BR) 3018655