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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Little Elf Jinx (NA) 5827848
2nd tigerleo (KR) 4632022
3rd 90년 백령도 전역 (KR) 4620861
4th Phatea (TR) 4569068
5th ILoveIsla (NA) 4314503
6th 6ss7d83f (NA) 4091174
7th 원거리딜러징크스 (KR) 3823827
8th camymata (EUNE) 3748339
9th loki of winter (NA) 3619741
10th FNĆ Rekkłes (EUW) 3518093
11th danielsonic12 (LAS) 3482291
12th 미소가예뻐 (KR) 3432928
13th pres978 (LAS) 3185013
14th BayanBong (TR) 3140378
15th LightEros (LAS) 2965887
16th sirwookwook (NA) 2950639
17th HoodaaSpy (EUNE) 2903759
18th T4nk GirI (EUW) 2849957
19th 찬회장님 (KR) 2795495
20th Senior Member Rx (BR) 2782255
21st veternalv (OCE) 2759170
22nd saifon (JP) 2698373
23rd Glowstickmaster (NA) 2656743
24th Leroswend (NA) 2641395
25th cruelplayer (EUNE) 2601091